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Who is the UMass Boston Student?

The University of Massachusetts Boston student body is home to a diverse population of students, with many different backgrounds and interests. This week, we chose to highlight individuals who study here. Here are their stories:

Kelsey Hale, 2020

Communication and Sociology

I chose to go to UMass Boston because I enjoy the city life. One thing I wish I could change about the school is the leadership styles. My goals include making the college experience easier for students. I participate in many extra curricular activities such as the Mass Media, Student Arts and Events Council (SAEC), Intramurals, and the Boating Club.

Sara Ramram, 2022

Political Science

I chose to go to UMass Boston because I found there are many internship opportunities. The school is also very generous with scholarships, as well as being conveniently located in Boston. I really enjoy the professors and the faculty at UMass Boston. I think that the food choices need to improve and the difficulty of courses needs to increase. My goals include making friends and gaining expertise in my field of study. I participate in the Multicultural Student Association.

Rose Murray, 2022

Social Psychology

I chose to go to UMass Boston because of the affordable price. I like this school because the classes are very informative and interesting. I think that the price of parking needs to be changed, as well as the quality of the food in the dining hall. My main goal is to graduate. Currently, I am a writer for the Mass Media.