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What Happened in Boston Sports over Winter Break?

Obviously a lot has happened in sports since our final days of the fall semester in mid-December. The New England Patriots are contending for another Super Bowl win, the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics are just entering the final half of their regular seasons, and the Boston Red Sox are in the offseason, gearing up to defend their World Series title. So, let’s take a look at what our four major sports teams have been up to lately.

Red Sox

Not much has happened for the Red Sox since winning the World Series in October. The biggest news they have had was the re-signing of starting pitcher, Nathan Eovaldi, and World Series MVP, Steve Pearce. Other than those two, the Red Sox have just been idle with the exception of losses like Joe Kelly, and most likely Craig Kimbrel. The Red Sox will likely look into alternate relief pitching options going into next season, and I would not expect much else. 


The Celtics are not exactly where they had hoped to be in mid-January, sitting in just fifth place in the Eastern Conference. Since Dec. 14the Celtics are 118 with some bad losses to teams like the Phoenix Suns and the Brooklyn Nets. However, a win against a team like the Toronto Raptors shows that when the Celtics want to play their best basketball, they can beat some of the best teams in the NBA. In that span of time, we have also seen glimpses of the old Gordon Hayward; however, he still has not been very consistent scorer. As the Celtics get closer to playoff time, do not be surprised to see Hayward’s consistency improve.


Since Dec. 14,the Bruins have gained a record of 1061 and currently sit in third place in a tough Atlantic division. The Bruins are the healthiest they have been since opening night, and depth scoring is finally starting to make a big impact on their success. The top lines are contributing a great amount as well. There is not much more you could ask from the Bruins right now.


Well, here we are again. It’s almost the end of January, and the Patriots are gearing up for another Super Bowl. However, December was not exactly the Patriots’ best month. On Dec. 16,the Patriots had a bad loss to the Pittsburg Steelers, followed by one of Tom Brady’s worst performances ever against the Buffalo Bills in week 16. Since that game against the Bills, we have gotten the Patriots of old beating the New York Jets in dominant fashion and beating the San Diego Chargers in the divisional round in dominant fashion as well. It really does look like the Patriots could win their sixth ring this year, but they will have to continue this run of dominance.
It does not get much better than this time of year in Boston sports. With three out of the four major sports in full swing, the sweetest part is that all the teams in Boston are having their fair share of success. There are not many other cities (if any) that can say all their major sports teams are likely to compete in the playoffs each year. I guess that is why Boston is considered the city of champions.

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