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Museum experiences in Boston 2021

The world has been half frozen for nearly a year now, and there is much to miss about life before COVID-19. For those more inclined to the arts or particular academics, it is not unlikely that you miss visiting museums. There is something undeniably special about roaming through high-ceilinged rooms, looking at exquisite works of art or science. Museums are true indicators of the progress of the humana very expensive “show-and-tell” for creations of genius. Without museums, there would be no way to ogle at things such as the Mona Lisa or Starry Night in person, without committing some serious breaking-and-entering. Beyond academic delight, museums are a great way to spend a day in the city, go on a romantic outing, or feel like the main character in a book about yourself. So it is displeasing that museums have been closed for so long. However, museums are now reopening in new ways. Here is the breakdown of how, when, and what Boston museums you can visit in the winter or spring of 2021:

  • Museum of Fine Arts: this museum is reopening for the month of February (specifically, Feb. 8 through 28), but with new rules. You must buy “timed tickets” online in advance of going. These tickets will allow you a specific visitation time. Obviously, masks are required in the museum, and certain areas have been restricted. It is suggested on the MFA’s website that you book your tickets well in advance, because they go quickly. Last time I checked, Valentine’s Day is not yet fully booked!

  • Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: Unfortunately, this museum, well-known for its beautiful gardens, is closed in person. However, visit [gardnermuseum.org] to explore “Gardner at Home,” a curated online museum experience. The reopening date is not yet known, but we hope it will be soon.

  • Museum of Science, Boston: this museum is currently open for visits, though you must buy “timed tickets,” just as with the MFA. Remember to bring your mask. 

  • The Institute of Contemporary Art: this museum is closed for in-person visits, but has plenty of online experiences and at-home activities. Visit [icaboston.org] to find out more.

  • Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum: this museum is closed until March 4, though virtual fun, including an interactive map, can be discovered at [bostonteapartyship.com/].

  • Boston Fire Museum: this museum is open on Fridays and Saturdays at select times. Here you can learn about fire safety and how fires are fought. Visit [bostonfiremuseum.com] to learn more.

Remember to be courteous in public. Museums have always been a place for quiet contemplation and appreciation, and it is now more important than ever to be respectful of others. One thing I like to remember is that though you are the center of the world in your own perspective, others’ wishes and needs are just as real and urgent as your own at all times. 

On another note, getting out and about in respectable ways is a great thing to do for yourself (and possibly your significant other) right now. It’s easy to forget about the vastness of the world when one is stuck inside, and the unbelievable amount of things you have yet to see. Museums are a great way to see things that it is considered a privilege to lay one’s eyes on. Go look!

Happy exploring!