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Coffee Review: NYC Edition


The motto of Frisson Espresso, located in New York City, as pictured on their wall.

While visiting New York City a few weeks ago, I tried a whole new set of coffee shops. These are some of the stops I made for the New York City edition of The Mass Media’s Coffee Review.

Frisson Espresso, located at 326 W 47th Street, was a small shop, slightly tucked away on a side street. Like most of the shops I went to, it was aesthetically pleasing with a clean-cut black-and-white theme. I found this place on Yelp, where I find most of the food and coffee establishments I go to. Their logo/motto was one of the best parts of the shop and a perfect Instagram opportunity.

Back to the coffee. The cashier was very friendly when I asked him what his favorite coffee was. He said he liked cappuccinos better than lattes, because lattes have double the milk of espresso, whereas cappuccinos have equal parts milk and espresso. So, he said, “if you like the taste of espresso and coffee flavor, then order cappuccinos. If you like it more sweet, then lattes are the way to go.” That morning, I was in need of caffeine. I ordered a large caramel cappuccino. It was pretty good. I liked the flavor of the coffee and the whole atmosphere of the shop was cool, so overall, I would recommend stopping by if you’re in the area.

The next shop I went to was For Five Coffee Roasters at 117 W 46th Street. This was my favorite shop as far as looks go. When you walk in, there is an accent wall covered in paintings of people doing everyday things: walking their dog, posing for a picture, listening to music, etc. The Yelp reviews suggested to try a drink called “the Five.” According to the Yelp reviews, it is an espresso shot with hazelnut and orange hints. I didn’t try it, but it seemed to be a popular menu item. I ordered a large cold brew iced coffee and I was pleasantly surprised to see that their cold brew was on tap. This means that, according to esquire.com, the coffee “is infused with nitrogen gas that is released through a pressurized valve with tiny holes. As high pressure forces the cold brew past a disc, it creates a creamy, stout-like effect.” So, like a beer is put through a draft system, coffee can go the same way. It produces a smooth, cold, clean-cut cup of iced coffee. I put a splash of whole milk and was on my way. I drank it slower than most of my coffees because it seemed more concentrated and strong.
Lastly, I visited a shop that was worth the trouble finding it. Simon Sips, located at 1185 6th Avenue in an office building, had a security guard close by. It made it seem like I wasn’t allowed to walk in at first. But, I risked it and decided to enter. Just like that, no one said anything to me as I continued to head toward the familiar coffee smell I know and love. The shop was very small and the color theme was coral and bright orange. I ordered a large caramel latte, and it was delicious. It was sweet and smooth with the perfect amount of espresso and foamed milk. If I had time to eat, I would have perfectly paired it with a chocolate chip cannoli, one of my favorites. 
Next time you’re in NYC, check out these spots for coffee. Most importantly, enjoy your time in The Big Apple.