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www.Amazon.comWhat not to do when seeking employment, June 1, 2004Reviewer: Earl (Boston) –

I was very impressed with the “life experiences” overview of this writer. I have already recommended this book as a must read for my children and would advise all parents to make this a graduation gift for both high school and college grads. It could be used as a reference each time a job search and interview is being done. What a great cost effective way to gain experience via someone else’s years of employment and unemployment. Well done Jay B. Crawford.

www.bn.comA reviewer, July 25, 2004, This book is GREATI wish I would have had this book to use when I taught job skills to high schoolers. I highly recommend it to anyone teaching a business/career class in a school/college setting as well as for personal information. Mr. Crawford presents Job Hunting 101 in an interesting, engaging format. I am a high school Guidance Counselor now & will suggest this to my seniors that are job hunting.