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Men’s soccer is making a statement this season

Midfielder Gabriel Meireles facing off against Worcester State. Photo by Salt Lake Photo Company / Beacon Athletics

UMass Boston Men’s Soccer team has been firing through this season with five wins and only one loss. The Beacons have been acing the season, leaving no scope for their opponents to score. The team had three consecutive wins after their unfortunate loss against Fitchburg State University. They still put up a tough fight and did not give up until the last minute, falling behind by a score of 3–2, according to Beacon Athletics (1).

After rebounding with a hard-fought 3–2 win against Union College (1), their following matchup against the Worcester State University Lancers saw UMass Boston’s high-powered offense battle in the down-pouring rain. The group took the field by storm, and clouds of doom formed over their opponent. In the 17th minute, John Arruda opened the game up with his third goal of the season. According to Beacon Athletics, the first half proved to be difficult due to a tough fight from the Lancers. Gabriel Meireles extended the lead to two, but the Lancers cut the lead in half prior to halftime (2). 

The second half proved to be more easygoing for the Beacons, as they scored three goals in the span of seven minutes. Logan Erickson Potter buried his first goal of the year in minute 52, while Ryan Lima and Meireles rained on the Lancers’ parade, scoring in back-to-back minutes during minutes 58 and 59. This season started with a bang, and the Beacons are ready to face challenges and overcome any hurdles that come their way.  

The offense and defense of the team was top-notch and left little to no room for the Lancers to score, as they showed impeccable team spirit and coordination. There were a few hurdles along the way, but the Beacons overcame them with great grit. Toby Prabhu noted that they “gave a tough fight and proved that [we] can be anything.” Diego Gisholt chimed in, saying to “Look out for [us] this year. [We] are making a statement.” Gisholt also added that he “loves playing with the team” because “everyone got a chance to take the field.” The team chemistry and positive outlook of other teammates is what makes the Beacons stand out.  

Goalkeeper JJ Devine stated that “[Worcester State] played extremely well and were in possession of the ball almost through all of the game.” Devine later mentioned that “During the first half it was a little tough, but the second half went by pretty smoothly.” The Beacons came out victorious with a whopping score of 5–1 (2). These wins have provided a major confidence boost, and they are looking forward to playing against Eastern Nazarene College this Thursday (1).  

There is nothing that UMass Boston can’t overcome as a team. UMass Boston Men’s Soccer team is like a well-oiled machine that’s powering up to shoot for the stars this year, quite literally. The team is all set to break records and make new ones as they move forward this season. The team is going to continue progressing with the same dedication, motivation and immense amount of hard work; this year’s squad has a lot of potential.  

The Beacons still have a long way to go after this amazing win against Worcester State and their Lancers. They have a slew of games coming up against Bridgewater State University, Eastern Nazarene College, UMass Dartmouth and Rhode Island College this month (1).  

These games are going to be a great opportunity for the Beacons to assess themselves and improve further. So far, things are turning out great for men’s soccer, and hopefully, it continues this way. The Beacons are unleashing their true potential this season. They are a force to be reckoned with; they’re undeniably talented, and their hard work is admirable. This group is promising and is going to be a tough match for any of the other opponents they come across.


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