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Men’s soccer has a bittersweet week

Men’s soccer faces off against Eastern Nazarene during a game on Sept. 21. Photo by Salt Lake Photo Company / Beacon Athletics

It was an up-and-down week for UMass Boston Men’s Soccer, who celebrated a victory over Plymouth State University, as well as mourned a loss against Bridgewater State University in a matter of days. The team had two matches early last week, one of which, according to Beacon Athletics (1,2), was a 4–0 blowout over Plymouth State. However, their joy was short-lived, as they faced an unfortunate defeat against Bridgewater State 3–2 just two days later, Monday, Sept. 18.  

The Beacons were on a roll, entering their Little East Conference matchups with a bang. They beat the bag out of Plymouth State, as the Panthers had to leave both the present as well as their dignity behind after being downed by the Beacons on their home turf. As seen in previous matches, the Beacons have been unstoppable, and are not going to back off anytime soon. 

Their match against Bridgewater State was off to a similar start, with the Beacons mauling the Bears and jumping out to a quick 2–0 lead; Gabriel Meireles opened the game with a highlight reel goal and proceeded to score a second goal in the span of two minutes. The second half proved to be much more difficult, and the adverse weather conditions only added to their misery.  

The group powered through the rain and gave the Bears a tough fight. The team’s offense was on a tear. The second half was more of a competition between the goalies, as both teams took an abundance of shots on net. When it was beginning to look like another win was on the cards, a penalty kick by Thomas Terry from Bridgewater State turned the tables, bringing both teams to a tie in minute 79. The last shot by the Bears’ David Nelson changed their fate, putting an end to the Beacons’ impressive winning streak.

Even with a storm and the fear of defeat lurking over them, the Beacons did not give up until the last minute, and they did whatever it took to win. Throughout the match, the team showed impeccable sportsmanship, teamwork and most importantly, dedication. They maintained their composure, even after the realization hit them that they might not go home victorious, and stayed calm throughout.  

The storm within them was stronger than the one that was physically present. Despite their loss, they’re determined to make a statement this season, and it seems like they won’t stop until they achieve it. This season’s team has a lot of potential, not only because players are terrific individually, but also because they click as a team. The feeling of oneness that the Beacons share is immeasurable, and that is exactly what makes them stand out as a squad.  

This is only the beginning. The Beacons have come a long way from their first match and  have a much longer way to go. They are learning from every single match they lose, while celebrating every victory to their name.  

UMass Boston Men’s Soccer Team has a chance to redeem themselves again. This is an opportunity for the team to prove their point, because as Oscar Trujillo stated after their match against Worcester State University, Sept. 13, “someone’s gonna want it more.” The team has come a long way, and there is no going back. Every game is as tough as the Beacons make it. The momentum created by the team carries a much bigger weight than a loss that, in the end, does not define them. 

In the coming weeks, men’s soccer will go up against UMass Dartmouth on Sept. 27, Rhode Island College on Sept. 30 and the United States Coast Guard Academy on Oct. 3, according to the schedule on Beacon Athletics (3). They have an immense number of opportunities to bounce back, and knowing the Beacons, they will come back stronger than a ’90s trend, so be sure to support them when their trend of lighting teams up comes back around, too. 

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