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Students explore a ‘Frosty Frontier’ at Welcome Week

Olivia Reid
Students enjoy the Welcome Week events hosted by Student Activities. Photo by Olivia Reid / Photography Editor.

It’s the beginning of another semester at UMass Boston, and with it, a week to welcome both new and returning students to campus. The Welcome Week theme, courtesy of the Student Arts and Events Council, is “Frosty Frontier.” In the words of the coordinators, “Frosty Frontier is inspired by the magical winter wonderland we experience here in New England and all the fun things we can do during this season.”

Along with pop up and information tables available every day for students, there were a host of fun activities, giveaways and snacks. From stuffing plushies, celebrating the SAEC’s 40th birthday and a night at the Museum of Science. 

After Welcome Week, there will be other things to look forward to, such as the upcoming ski trips to Pats Peak. The first trip is on Feb. 1 and the second trip is on Feb. 24.  Tickets are on sale in the Student Activities Office from Jan. 22 for the first trip and Feb. 5 for the second. 

The SAEC has won awards for Best Overall Event two years in a row, including the Welcome Week of last fall. Students love these events for a variety of reasons. UMass Boston student Samantha Alexander was able to answer some questions about her thoughts of the upcoming spring semester and Welcome Week. 

Jennifer Phan: Would you like to introduce yourself, your major and what year you’re in?

Samantha Alexander: Sure! My name is Samantha. I am a senior art major and double minor in dance and professional new media writing. 

JP: As a senior, how do you feel about the upcoming spring semester? Are you nervous about graduating soon?

SA: I’m excited to see what’s next, but I’m also fearful of the unknown. But I’m looking forward to everything that I’m going to be working on this semester. I have a lot of interesting classes that I’m taking, so I know it’s going to be fun. 

JP: Can you tell us your thoughts about UMass Boston? Has it helped you grow over the years?

SA: I think my time at UMass Boston has been enjoyable. I think part of what makes it worth it is the people I’ve gotten to know. I’m an art major, so clearly I love doing things creatively, and I love the people I’ve gotten to know in the art department. And also working in the peer mentor department. The environment I’ve placed myself in during my time here at UMass Boston has benefited me greatly. I’ve gotten to know a lot of great faculty members, a lot of great professors. A lot of whom I can go to for advice on things school related or non-school related. So I would say, yeah, my time at UMass Boston has been very beneficial for me. 

JP: And for our last question, why do you think events like Welcome Week are important for the UMass Boston community?

SA: I think it’s important for the UMass Boston community because it kind of makes transitioning back into the school season a lot easier. I feel like a lot of students at some point have questioned if school is worth the stress. If it’s worth the stress to achieve what you want. And some students I guess might not have that worry, but something as simple as free cupcakes in Campus Center or stuffed animals—I know it makes things feel a little more enjoyable. A little more worth it. It puts a smile on my face, and I see it put a smile on other students’ faces as well. 

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