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Valentine’s Day mad lib!


Amanda and Julianna sit down to enjoy a nice dinner. Photo by Caitlin Feest (She/Her) / Mass Media Contributor. 

It was a __________ morning on UMass Boston’s __________ campus.

               adjective                                               adjective

Today’s Valentine’s Day and I plan on professing my love to my secret crush.

I’ve put it off for a long time because I’m a __________ __________.

                                                                  adjective         noun

Besides, I suppose it would be better to have a date tonight versus

__________ alone in my room while listening to __________ on repeat.

verb ending in-ing                                              song name

We have __________ together in the afternoon. Professor __________ can

             course name                                                    professor’s name

be a real __________ sometimes! I had prepared a poem about __________

                 insult                                                                     noun (plural)

to win them over and as soon as class ended, I __________ up to them and

                                                                  verb (past tense)

unleashed my inner __________.

                             writer’s name

Their __________ dropped to the floor. It was safe to say that my poetry was

          body part

a success. I then asked them if they would join me for a romantic dinner at

__________ later that evening. They grabbed me by the __________, looked

restaurant name                                                             body part

me in the eye, and said, “__________!”


When we arrived at __________, the place was a zoo. Our waiter looked

                          restaurant name

suspiciously like __________ and spoke with a __________ voice. I ordered

                           celebrity                               adjective

the __________ while my date got the __________. When our food arrived,

          food                                              food

our waiter __________ all over it right in front of us! I wanted to

             verb (past tense)

__________ him right there on the spot but instead, I __________ and gave

      verb                                                                 verb (past tense)

him a __________.


Once we started to open up to each other we discovered that we shared the

same __________. What’s even crazier is that we both have an interest in


__________! Just as things were starting to go well, I blurted out, “you’re

noun (plural)

one __________ hunk of __________!”

         adjective                    noun

Before I knew what was happening, they jumped up and __________ me

                                                                               verb (past tense)

straight in the __________! The waiter rushed over to see what the

                        body part

commotion was about and nearly __________ himself upon seeing the

                                              verb (past tense)

situation. My date __________ like a __________ and __________ out of

                        verb (past tense)          noun             verb (past tense)

the restaurant. Another typical Valentine’s Day for me—at least I tried.

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Joe DiPersio, Humor Editor