Hit refresh and find some fun activities for spring


Josh Kotler

The Boston Public Garden foot bridge. Photo by Josh Kotler / Mass Media Staff

Katrina Sanville, Arts Editor

Warmer breezes have begun to settle into the air, which can only mean one thing in the midst of dreary winterspring is on its way. Though Punxsutawney Phil declared six more weeks of winter back in the beginning of February, that never means much to New Englanders, since the weather could change from snowing and 20 degrees one day to a bright, warm and sunny day in the matter of less than a week. If you’re in search of a few ideas of what to do when the weather does mellow out, give a couple of these a try this spring.
Spring is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation for many, so why not give your closet this treatment? Whether this means using the Marie Kondo method of going through clothes and goods, the hanger method or simply taking out most of the heavy winter clothes, refreshing your closet can help to assess what clothes you still need to buy in warmer weather. Though the hanger method has gone fairly viral on TikTok, it’s still relatively new by most mainstream standards. Janel Laban for Apartment Therapy describes this trick:
“Turn around all the hangers in your closet so the hooks are pointing towards you (wrong way round). When you wear something, put it back with the hook the normal way. In six months, any hanger still facing the wrong way is holding an item you haven’t worn, ready for the donation bag,” (1).
While the hanger hack does not go for all clothes, such as special event wear, it can help you get a grasp on what you’re consistently reaching for, and something similar can be done with any clothes in your dresser by simply folding them differently. Cleaning out your closet can also help see how your style has changed over the course of a yearor however long it’s been since your last closet clean-outand shop for things you like and will genuinely wear, rather than have clothes that take up space that you most likely won’t wear.
Spring is also a great time to throw open all the windows, get some fresh air and clean your living space. Whether this is a dorm, an apartment or your bedroom with family, the fresh season can allow for the perfect chance to clear out all the cobwebsliterally and metaphoricallyof winter, as well as any feelings of seasonal depression, and head into the new seasons feeling clean and recharged.
If you’re looking to get out of the house this spring, Boston has plenty of options for that as well. If picnics are your thing, gather a few friends and head into the city to one of the many parks in Boston to spread out a blanket and enjoy some good food. You can make snacks or splurge and get some from a restaurant or grocery store to create some fun memories. UMass Boston also has a ton of green space surrounding campus if you don’t want to go too far or want to squeeze a picnic in between classes, and you can even grab food from the dining spaces.
On a rainy day, don’t let the weather dampen a fun day and check out one of Boston’s many incredible museums. All undergraduate students at UMass Boston are allowed free ticketed admission to the Museum of Fine Arts and JFK Library and Museum, as well as discounted tickets to the Museum of Science, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and the New England Aquariumfor $5, $13 and $8 respectivelywith a student ID. Museum of Science and New England passes can be bought in the Student Activities office on the third floor of the Campus Center.
If you’re willing to splurge on tickets, catch a Boston Red Sox game! The first home game for the Red Sox is March 31, and while tickets can be a bit expensive, standing room and grandstand tickets can be found for under $100. Even if you aren’t a big baseball fan, seeing a home game is a must for almost any Boston student. The Student Arts and Events Council offers discounted tickets to Red Sox games as well, so if you don’t want to spend the full amount on tickets, keep an eye out for their announcements and follow them on Instagram to make sure you can grab them as soon as you can!
Finally, the best way to enjoy the springtime is to get outside. After all the gloom, grey, snow and slush of winter, few things beat the first warm days of spring when you can open the windows in the house and car, go for a walk or see the beginnings of flowers starting to bloom. If you have some free time between classes, sit outside to study and do homework instead of in the Campus Center or the Integrated Sciences Complex. Just make the most of the pleasant spring weather, however you may see fit, since it’ll be gone before you know it!
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