Beacons look promising after week of losses


Josh Kotler

UMass Boston women’s volleyball players celebrate after winning a point in the match against Brandeis University on Tuesday, Sep. 13, 2022. Photo by Josh Kotler / Mass Media Staff

Katrina Sanville, Editor-in-Chief

After a week full of losses, the Beacons look to have had a bit of a better week after their games in the past week. With games and teams from nearly all the fall sports teams, it was an incredibly eventful week for the collegiate athletics of UMass Boston. For a full recap of the games this past week, continue on.
Women’s Volleyball
After the game on Saturday, Sept. 10 against Keuka College, where the team walked away with a 3–0 win, the women’s volleyball team had a lot to bring to their game on Sept. 13. At the game against Brandeis, however, the Beacons faced an unfortunate 3–0 loss to the Brandeis Judges. This game marked the first that UMass Boston had lost to Brandeis during a home game since. The set was not lost without a fight from UMass Boston, though, since the game was tied several times over the course of the three sets before Brandeis took home the win in the end.
Taryn Broughal led the game for the Beacons with nine kills, three blocks and one ace, followed by Livia Trindade with six kills and one block, and Colbie Atlas and Lauren Westlund with five kills each. The next home game for the women’s volleyball team will be Oct. 4. All games are available to watch on the Athletics website in real-time.
Women’s Soccer
Following their 0–0 tie to Caltech on Sept. 10, the women’s soccer team was entering the rest of the season with a frustrating 0–2–2 season record. This record was only made more frustrating after their game against Babson College on Sept. 14, where the Beacons faced a hefty 3–0 loss. The game remained an even 0–0 tie for most of the game, with both teams putting up fights against their opponents, before Babson’s Beavers broke through UMass Boston’s defense and were able to score after 57 minutes.
The next two goals for Babson followed quickly after the first, with the team scoring after 61 and 63 minutes for their second and third goals, respectively. A standout player for the Beacons during the game was goalie Maria Spylios, who managed four saves on four shots on goal in the first half of the game. The next home game for the women’s soccer team will be Oct. 8. All games are available to watch on the Athletics website in real-time.
Men’s Soccer
The men’s soccer team was able to walk away from their game against Worcester State on Sept. 14 with a 2–0 win, bringing their entire season record to 2–2–1. Despite UMass Boston’s three shots on net in the first half, they were only able to score once in the half, with stand out player and forward Josh DeAlmeida being able to score after 17 minutes via a pass from defender Logan Erickson Potter.
The next goal for the Beacons came after 48 minutes, where DeAlmeida was once again able to score for UMass Boston after a kick from Diego Gisholt bounced off the goalpost and found itself in line with DeAlmeida’s foot to allow for a second perfect goal. Despite the efforts from Worcester State to attempt a goal, the Beacons’ defense was too tight, and UMass Boston was able to head back to Boston with their 2–0 victory. The next home game for the men’s soccer team will be Sept. 24.
Women’s Tennis
The women’s tennis team has been proving to serve as UMass Boston’s perfect example of home-court advantage following their match on Sept. 15 against Curry College, where the Beacons walked away with a 9–0 sweep. The team has won 16 consecutive games that have been played at home, with the last loss dating back to 2018, against Worcester State University.
In the #1 Doubles, Lydia Chan and Yana Semerly were quickly able to work against Curry’s Serena Wilson and Esme Lehner, and finished off the match with an 8–1 victory for UMass Boston. Ayra Shaikh and Meagan Carney were also victorious in the #2 Doubles, as were Elena Albano and Ayonna Stuppard in the #3 Doubles, walking away from their own matches with a final scores of 8–2 and 8–1, respectively.
As for the singles matches, recently-named Little East Conference Rookie of the Week, Ayra Shaikh, dominated against Curry’s Cayla Osowski, and finished off the two sets 6–0, 6–0. In addition to Shaikh’s sweep, Elena Albano also had a clean 6–0, 6–0 finish in her two sets against Esme Lehner.
Yana Semerly, Meagan Carney and Ayonna Stuppard walked away from their two set streaks victorious as well, each having dropped only one point in their sets to give the Beacons their clean 9–0 win. The next home game for the women’s tennis team will be Sept. 27.