Meet J.Dubz: one of UMB’s hottest acts

Amy Julian

Sophomore Joise Amparo (J.Dubz) does it all. Writing, performing, working and even managing to stay on top of his school work. Here, J.Dubz sits down with The Mass Media to talk about his music, what the future holds and his CD release party (yes, you’re invited!).

Mass Media: So how would you describe your sound?J.Dubz: My music is BRAND NEW, FRESH, and HOT! I combine R&B with rap, and even reggaeton. The rap game is missing a lot of versatility and quality lyrics nowadays, but I’m here to give people a taste of what’s been missing. MM: Who do you look to for inspiration musically? What artists have influenced your sound?J.Dubz: Hands down, my biggest inspiration (musically) would be Joe Budden. Since he came out, I have grown as an artist; he’s taken the rap game to new heights. With my music, I try to create my own sound, but I also look to Jay-Z, Fabolous, Don Omar, Juelz Santana and Chris Brown for more inspiration.

MM: So how did you get into music?J.Dubz: Music was always my thing, even when I was younger. When I was 16, I decided to combine my love for poetry writing with my passion for music. I started recording my own verses and hooks, and when I showed my music to a few close friends they enjoyed it. Since then, I have been writing, recording and performing my music. MM: It seems like it all came naturally to you. Tell me a little bit about the process of making music.J.Dubz: Before I compose a song, I have to feel it. Let’s say I just had a recent break up, and certain words need to be said, I’ll search for a beat that goes perfect with those words. The beat just clicks in my head when I come across it; I know it’s right. I try to get into the studio at least twice a week. I’m lucky enough to be working with some of the hottest producers in Boston right now, like Juba, Shamel, Avi, Midi the Monster, to name a few.

MM: What would you say is the hardest part of the music business?J.Dubz: Probably the record sales. I haven’t dropped the official album yet, but [my] guess is creating an album that you have worked on for 2 years, expecting huge numbers and flopping might be hard. Probably because of the internet and sales online.

MM: And if it “flops”?J.Dubz: I’m trying not to worry about number of albums sold. My only worries now are getting in the [recording] booth and heating up stages for people.

MM: Do you play shows in Boston area?J.Dubz: I’ve played in different parts of Boston before: Cambridge, Brockton, Holbrook, Mattapan. I try to get in at least one show a month to keep me on my toes, and I plan on expanding that number to at least 4 every month.

MM: You’re pretty busy! What’s the hardest part about pursuing your music career while still staying on top of your schoolwork as a student?J.Dubz: The hardest part about pursuing your music career and being a full-time student is finding time. I always try to fit my music in my schedule; I’m a student first, and sometimes I wish I can give it more time than I do now.

MM: What are your plans for the future?J.Dubz: Right now I am co-owner of a record label, EliteFlow ENT., partnership with Hairon Guerrero who attends Regis College and majors in Business Management. He and I have many plans for the future: starting our own clothing line, coming out with sport DVD’s, setting up businesses in New York, Massachusetts and the Dominican Republic, and so much more! While all of this is going on, I will still be handling the music business.

MM: Don’t forget to breathe!

J.Dubz: Yeah, I’ll try not to. MM: So I hear you’re having a big party to celebrate the release of your album. J.Dubz: I have been recording for a little bit over a year, for something to release to the public, and now it is finally done! I am completely satisfied and ready to release this Mixtape/Album in June, and there is no other way that EliteFlow would do something so major without a party behind it! Everyone can come out and enjoy themselves. Tickets are going on sale really soon, and it’ll be an all-age event so that we can definitely pack the house and give everyone a party, and of course a live, off-the-hook performance by yours truly.

MM: Is there anything else you want the UMB community to know about you?J.Dubz: I am a very laidback dude, and if you happen to see me anywhere, around school, on the bus or train, anywhere, don’t be shy to say hi or hello, or what’s up! I love people, and I don’t discriminate against anyone, and love when people come up to me saying they heard my music and are now a fan of it.

MM: You’re very personable. I think that’s an important part of being successful, keeping connections with the people and not letting it go to your head and to keep both feet on the ground.J.Dubz: I will never forget where I came from (big up to Washington Heights, NY!), and you won’t see me getting a big head. In fact, if you want to chat on AIM with me personally, hit me up at JayDubz212 and I’ll hit you back! I’m good with people like that.

If you want to check out J.Dubz killer music (including his own unedited remix of Lil’ Wayne’s “Lollipop”), check him out on Myspace at”Boston’s Throne,” the first official Mixtape is coming in June. Go out and get it and support a fellow UMB student and get some hot beats, too. Everyone wins!