Fendi of the Future

Fendi of the Future

Amy Julian

The world of fashion is being turned upside down with this year’s installment of “SEAMLESS: Computational Couture” at the Museum of Science on January. 30. As technology continues to change, as evidenced by iPod micro-nanos and barely-there cell phones, fashion, per usual, continues to change as well. SEAMLESS co-founder and graduate of MIT Media Lab Christine Liu came up with the idea to fuse fashion and function, relying on everyday tech devices to be molded and melded into fabulously chic works of outlandish, wearable art.

Showcasing 20 different designers, including Boston-area and world-renowned designers, SEAMLESS will be anything but lackluster. The event kicks off at 8 p.m. and is emceed by Project Runway designer Steven Rosengard. With a stacked lineup of designers and media-savvy professionals, SEAMLESS seeks to push the envelope and break free from conventional fashion edict. The runway portion of the show will exhibit original designs from the likes of Germany’s Marcus Kison, Scotland’s Elena Corcharo, and Boston’s own Jay Silver and Jody Finch, just to name a few. Following the high-energy, high-tech portion of the show, guests will have the chance to meet with the designers and view the works up close, asking questions and admiring the offbeat designs of tomorrow.

Past designs include a little black dress made from recycled cassette tapes and a wedding dress fully equipped with a tiara containing an MP3 player, in case the bride got bored on her way to the altar. Designer Elena Corcharo, creator of “Solar Vintage,” beautiful, vintage solar-powered jewelry, which absorbs sunlight by day and illuminates your house at night, promises big things from SEAMLESS. “The show is a very interactive event where everyone will enjoy and discover how fashion, art and technology have inspired others to push boundaries.”

Admission to the event is $15 in advance, with tickets selling for $18 at the door on January 30. Refreshments will be available, as will a cash bar. The producers of the show recommend advance purchase of tickets to this incredible event, as past SEAMLESS events have been sold-out. For more information, or to buy tickets to SEAMLESS, visit www.mos.org or call 617-723-2500.