Portney’s Complaint

Portneys Complaint

Portney’s Complaint

Devon Portney

It is my understanding that outside between the Wheatley and McCormack buildings on Wednesday 9/27, a man with a gigantic Jesus sign spent several hours yelling attempts to bring lost souls back to faith.

I wonder just how many people he actually manages to convert with these antics. For those of you who were not fortunate enough to witness the man outside on campus last Wednesday, I’ll briefly describe the scenario, as it was reported to me.

A man from Montana stood outside on Wednesday holding a sign bigger than him, which said, ‘Jesus bore our sins- crucified yet he is alive’. Question: how can Jesus be alive if he was crucified? Doesn’t that kill you? Am I missing something here?

A student made his way to stand in front of the “recruiter” and took off his shirt (apparently to mock the man). Next to Jesus’ disciple stood his wife, handing out pamphlets to anyone who was actually willing to take one, rather than the majority who just stood there gawking at the unbelievable spectacle. The man continued spouting about the evils of indulgent lifestyles, and how the American way of life was sinful.

The kid who was shirtless accepted a pamphlet, stepped away from the “J-Crew” (too clever?) and proceeded to light it on fire. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Although everyone was exercising their constitutional rights, it is not for any of us to decide who had a right to do what. They all were within their rights. However, I am allowed to impart my opinion, and you have been good enough to let me share it with you.

What the hell?!?!?! Do this man and his wife know absolutely nothing? New England is the most liberal part of the country, and seldom are outdoor sign holders with pamphlets, reminiscent of street corner preachers, taken seriously. What in the world made them think it was appropriate to set up camp on a college campus, especially UMass Boston? We are perhaps the most diverse university in Boston, in culture, ethnicity, class, religion and age. I am sure people were late to class and distracted from their day (and most likely amused, as well).

Who gives up their lifestyle just because a random nut job (sorry, but he is) says you should? I could absolutely agree with the man if he was only saying that our over indulgent lifestyles make us somewhat numb to what is really happening in the world around us. That, in fact, is a bigger complaint, for another day. But someone that tells you you’re sinning because you’re a material person is just plain wrong. I don’t believe in the radical definitions of sin. And most of all, I do not believe that anyone has the right to tell anyone else how to live.

Having said all this, I want to make a plea to examine your lifestyles. While I endorse people’s right to spend their hard earned money on whatever they choose, I encourage you not to let the things you buy blind you to other important factors in your life and the world around you. We are a distracted generation, with video games, computers, Red Sox, Patriots, and the like. Remember just to keep an even balance in your lives, and care about the environment, the government, and your personal relationships, as well as your iPod.