Shanti: Taste of India

Shanti: Taste of India

Michael Hogan

If you’ve been reading along with our weekly tour of area eateries you’ve probably been saying the same thing that I have been. Is there anything in Dorchester/South Boston other than your average American pub fare? Well fear not, for there are other choices out there. There are options for the more adventurous palate.

This week’s stop is Shanti: Taste of India. Located at 1111 Dorchester Ave, Shanti is a short walk from the Savin Hill T station.

A meal at Shanti (the Sanskrit word for Peace) is more than just a meal, it is a full on exposure into Indian culture. Indian classics as well as the latest pop hits from the region are pumped through the speakers, while Indian art, from paintings to pottery, line the walls. The staff is all warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to answer questions about meals or anything else that might come up (the music, the art, etc.).

Diners are encouraged to eat in the traditions of Southern Asia, sharing some of each meal with each other. The food is not only Indian but also Pakistani and Bangladeshi. It is a culinary tour of much of the Indian subcontinent. The menu features appetizers, entrees, salads, soups, and deserts from across the region. Start with a bowl of mulligatawny soup or some samosas. Any choice from the extensive menu is a good one.

An Indian meal would not be complete without naan (unleavened bread). Here you will find choices of traditional, garlic, onion, and peshawary (stuffed with raisins, almonds, coconut, and pistachios). Entrees include Tandoori specials (dishes that have been marinated for 12 hours in various sauces and then prepared in clay ovens), as well as beef, lamb, goat, chicken, fish, and vegetable dishes.

The beer selection is the same as most any Indian restaurant, with American beers and a few Indian choices such as Taj Mahal and Kingfisher. The wine list is more extensive than the beer list with sparkling, white, red, and blush available by the glass or the bottle. The meal ends with a choice from the desert menu. You will find kheer (rice pudding), rashmalai (cheese patties), kulfi (an Indian version of sorbet), and gulab jamun (deep fried wheat and milk balls).

So should you find yourself looking for a place to grab a bite to eat with some friends and you’re up for something new, head on down to Shanti: Taste of India and take a culinary journey to the other side of the world.