Global Glamour Hits The Campus Center

Michael Hogan

var uslide_show_id = “0502e485-ccc3-4751-b2cf-cdeef0680050”;var slideshowwidth = “468”;var linktext = “”;The flashing lights of the Paris and Milan runways will soon come to UMass Boston. The stark interior of the Campus Center will transform into the glitz and glamour of Fashion Week in New York on April 29. The Black Student Center is presenting “The World Tour of Fashion,” the 22nd annual fashion show, a night of both elegance and extravagance.

Produced by Prajje Jean-Baptiste, the show features clothing from a vast array of time periods and locations. From Ancient Egypt to modern Paris, through clothing the audience will take a journey to far off places.

Jean-Baptiste, a designer for Prajje Couture is a fashion design student at Massachusetts College of Art. A former model himself, Jean-Baptiste has been personally involved in the fashion world for the past 6 to 7 years. He serves as producer for the show, the mastermind behind the event.

Students from the BSC will be transformed from everyday students to super models, displaying clothing from some of the biggest names in the city. House of Nahdira, Stephanie Green, Prajje Couture, Sparklle Thames, Shalimar and Kim’s Fashion Design will all be featured in different sections of the show.

Guests will be entertained throughout the evening with singing, poetry, and various dance routines including ballet, traditional African dances and R&B. Fashions from places like Congo, India, Egypt, The West Indies, Paris and the US. Featuring traditional dress from each nations, but updated for a more modern audience the show promises to be a night of lavishness and fashionable magic.

The show itself will feature seven different shows within the show, each focusing on a different designer and location. Swimsuits, dresses, chains if it’s fashion, it is probably here. Vibrant colors, sheer sophistication, pure chic, this show is sure to keep the flashbulbs popping.

Doors open at 6 p.m. with the show beginning at 7 p.m. It’s a semi-formal event, so you should come dressed to impress, after all it’s a fashion show. An after party will run from 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the third-floor ballroom featuring Takeover Sound. So, head down to the Campus Center on April 29 and surround yourself in sophistication for the night.

Advance Tickets $10At the Door $15After party Tickets $10Combo tickets (show, party) $15 Advance / $20 At DoorVIP tickets (show, party, VIP reception) $30.

For more information or accommodations contact the Black Student Center at (617) 287-7982 or [email protected]