Letter from the Editor

Ben Whelan

I dont know if any of you have noticed, but its starting to get really freakin’ cold out there, which means one thing: Global warming is built on a throne of lies. Either that or Fall is coming. One way or another, its the time of year to go out and observe the changing foliage, wonder at the turning of the seasons, and prepare for the winter to come. Turn to the spread for a collection of ideas about how best to celebrate the harbinger of winter so that you can forget, for at least a moment, that the joys of icy roads and snowy sidewalks are just around the corner.

In News this week, scribe Shira Kaminsky takes an in depth look at religion on campus and explores some of the bigger questions, such as what is faith, why is it important, and is there a deity out there that can get Jon and Kate back together? All of this and more is just a page turn away.

In Arts, editor Emma Franco heats things up with a piece on the phenomenon that is Bollywood and her partner in crime, editor Bonnie Godas, takes us behind the beards with a review of blues-rock legends ZZ Top.

Sports is all volleyball all the time as the impressive Beacons continue their winning ways, surprising not only their LEC rivals, but themselves. This is certainly a team to watch going forwards and may be our best chance to bring a banner to the Clark center, so keep your eyes on the net in the weeks to come and editor Sebastian Lena will keep delivering the goods.

Finally, before we let you go on and enjoy this tremendous issue, a quick public service announcement: Wet concrete on the campus may seem like an inviting canvas to express your artistic bent, but if campus police catch you doing it, you will be charged with a felony and face a possible semester suspension and fines, fines, fines. This is no joke, so try not to get caught (the best way to do so is of course not to do it in the first place).

Stay warm and we’ll catch you next week!

Ben WhelanEditor-In-Chief