UM”B” Mine

UMb Mine

UM”b” Mine

Dear UMBeMine:     I have a friend who keeps bringing me lunch without me asking. She’s also written a poem for me. When I asked her about it, she just says that she’s a generous person and sees how much work and studying I’ve been doing. But, she also told me she’s a flirt, and that I am, too. What’s the deal? Should I be on the lookout for more? No Longer Hungry in Boston

‘Cat says: Rrrrrrooww. I like a woman who goes for what she wants. The problem is, you don’t know what she wants. At least you know she likes you as a person. I hope you remembered to thank her-not enough men do that. She could be attracted to you, but I don’t have enough to say for sure. The question is…are you attracted to her? If you are, at least you know she’s thoughtful, generous, and direct-definitely worthy qualities in a partner. If not…don’t you dare string her along! Don’t just keep accepting the free lunches either! Make sure you buy HER lunch for a change, but make sure to thank her for her friendship. The F-word is a total new love buzzbill, believe me.