Editors Response

Michael Hogan and Chad Cid-Hogan

From Arts & LifeIn the last issue of The Mass Media the Arts & Life section included an article entitled “Top Five: UMB’s best locations to have sex.” There have been phone calls and letters to the editor expressing disappointment in our running this article. As the editor of that section of the newspaper I am taking this opportunity to address those concerns.

First of all, a few of these complaints have purported that The Mass Media is supposed to be a place for “legitimate journalism” and “newsworthy” pieces, not filled with “smut”. These readers have unfortunately chosen to focus on one or two pieces, failing to mention the other 15 pages of articles with more “substance.” There are 25 other stories in this issue, if one should offend you, don’t read it. There are plenty more tame pieces to choose from. The Arts & Life section itself, where the offending article was found, contained other articles with the kind of “substance” for which these readers seem to be searching. Is it really that hard to turn back a page or two in this desperate quest for “journalism”?

Secondly, UMass Boston is a widely diverse campus. Actually, it is one of the selling points the University uses in its recruiting process. There are many different types of people here, some who want “substance” and others who want “smut.” As the student newspaper we look to cater to all of our potential readers, not just the ones who are offended by this particular article. We must try to maintain some kind of balance between “legitimate” journalism and “tabloid” fodder.

Lastly, this is a 21st century college campus in America. Sex is a real issue. Whether we choose to believe it or not, sex is all around us. It is an issue that should most definitely be addressed and discussed on every college campus. Was this the best way to do so? Perhaps not. Do I regret running the article? Not in the least.

-Mike HoganArts Editor

From the AuthorWhen the subject of doing articles on sex first came up it was with the realization that The Mass Media had fallen behind other college newspapers in this type of reporting. College papers have had sex columns for years, and they are generally some of the most widely read articles for their respective publications.

At The Mass Media, we understand our audience is composed of students who spend a large portion of their time dealing with sex. They talk about, think about, and yes, occasionally even have sex. So when such articles were suggested I immediately got on board. As a student paper we are meant to entertain as well educate. Humor is an important aspect of entertaining writing and I wrote that article as a satire of the sex columns that are so pervasive in college newspapers and the mainstream media.

The attention from this article has been incredible. In every class I have heard people talking about it. People who never knew the university had a newspaper were passing around copies to friends, and everyone, so far, has understood that this article is meant to be funny.

I can only hope that my article has sparked more interest in the paper and those students who picked up the paper to see what the bra on the cover was all about continued to read the number of great articles from last issue. Dan Roche wrote one of the best pieces I have read this semester. Michael Hogan wrote a stellar, heart-wrenching and extremely personal story that I challenge any one of these critics to read and still tell me The Mass Media does not produce significant stories. And for those who think we don’t work hard or take our jobs seriously need only read any of the five articles by News Editor Amanda Huff.

So should it be so shocking that we had an article about sex? I should say it is more shocking we have taken this long. This is a college campus people. We are students and we talk about sex.

-Chad Cid-HoganAssociate Arts Editor