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Get rec’d with some advice on using UMass Boston’s facilities

Olivia Reid
Students play basketball after classes in Clark Athletic Center. Photo by Olivia Reid / Photography Editor.

Thankfully, the Fall 2023 semester has started, because with the school year off and running, now is the perfect time to begin your new year’s resolutions. With that being said, UMass Boston has a cluster of options that allow you to make conscious efforts to stay in shape when working with a tight schedule. Whether it’s joining a club, a class or just using the facilities provided on campus, UMass Boston has you covered. 

UMass Boston’s recreation department is home to many different clubs and intramural sports. At first glance, their page on umb.edu—the full link being umb.edu/athletics/recreation—gives students a look into how to further utilize their facilities throughout campus by conveniently posting hours, classes and locations. All of this useful information betters both the student body and faculty by not only allowing them to partake in these activities, but to do so effectively with the help of an orderly construct. 

Arguably the most used recreational facility is the Beacon Fitness Center, which is located in McCormack. The fitness center is a jack of all trades, allowing students and faculty alike to put in some work on the weights and providing the option to participate in leisure activities that still help get a pump in. Racquetball and Squash are two games that come to mind regarding sports that the Beacon Fitness Center offers, and they have recently added stock in other fun activities as well. Games like spike ball, cornhole and ladder ball can be reserved for group play if you decide to check them out for the sake of having some outdoor fun. (1)

Not only does the fitness center provide some lawn games, the Campus Center front desk has some balls stockpiled in their drawers and safes, too. Students can choose to rent some footballs, wiffle balls, soccer balls and more from the front desk, all you need to do is provide proof of identification with your BeaconCard. You don’t have to just rent these balls out for fun either, you can always take them to help practice for intramural sports, a staple here at UMass Boston. 

There’s plenty of games to go around for students who want to get in shape, make new friends or make pleasurable memories with existing friends to look back on. Outdoor soccer, six-team volleyball, seven-on-seven flag football and indoor cricket are just a select few of the sports the rec department provides for intramurals. There are also one-off tournaments that occur, including an upcoming corn hole tournament Sept. 20 to Sept. 21, as well as a billiards tournament Nov. 14.

However, it’s the dodgeball tournament Wednesday, Oct. 11 that you will not want to miss, as it celebrates and promotes Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Students will be given the chance to raise awareness for the deadly cause that has prematurely taken the lives of many on this planet. If there’s any sort of tournament or recreational activity to sign up for, this may be the perfect one to do.

If you are unable to sign up for any intramural sports, you can always stop by Clark Athletic Center, located across from the Motley Residence Halls. Students have the option to play basketball, badminton and volleyball, not to mention throw a ball around inside of the Clark gymnasium. Inside the ice rink, open skating is a recurring activity throughout the fall and parts of the spring, so let it rip with those skate blades, and get ready to be bouncing off the walls in fun and clumsiness. 

UMass Boston’s recreation department gives students the free will to engage in a multitude of activities at their own pace, all of which they can use to their advantage. Whether they’re on a whim or have all day, access to the facilities on a daily basis is vital in the long run. With the fall only getting started, and the days now falling shorter, it may be time to start thinking about renewing your BeaconCard, or signing up for a sport to play, that way you’re not left out in the cold come mid-fall. 

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