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Eat plant-based at these Earth-friendly restaurants

Eating with any food restriction can be difficult, but especially so for those who don’t eat animal products. Animal products are found in almost everything from clothing, to pastries, to bread. 

“I’ve gotten very used to going with the flow and eating what I can at restaurants,” said Skylar Bowman, a vegan student at UMass Boston. “It could be as simple as a salad and fries. But to have places that I can go to and have several options on the menu is a reminder of the joy that good food can bring.” Finding plant-based options can be difficult, but luckily Boston is home to several vegan spots. 

Koshari Mami is an Egyptian vegan restaurant run by a mother and her daughter. Their dishes are inspired by Egyptian street food. Koshari Mami is open for lunch and dinner with several gluten free options on their menu as well. Their menu includes Egyptian “meatballs,” Mushroom Shawarma, Falafel, Gluten-Free Pita and more. They’ve earned 4.7 stars on Google Reviews, with one reviewer calling them, “the most flavorful home-cooked vegan food in the area.”

The next place is known to locals as having the best imitation meat in the area. My Thai Vegan Cafe, located in Chinatown, has several vegan meat options including veggie-chicken, veggie-shrimp, veggie-beef, gluten and tofu. They have an extremely large selection, including Thai favorites and My Thai Vegan Cafe specialities like the Bird’s Nest, featuring a combination of their veggie-chicken, veggie-beef and vegetables in a spicy green curry sauce.

Another local favorite is Lulu Green. They have many options on their menu from vegan charcuterie, to vegan Cacio e Pepe pasta, to vegan Korean BBQ lettuce wraps. The menu also offers several gluten free options as well. Lulu Green has accumulated 4.7 stars on Google Reviews. One reviewer said, “As I took the last bite of the Double Chocolate Cheesecake Slice, I thought, ‘the world needs to know how good this is.’” Lulu Green is located in South Boston, near Broadway Station. 

The next spot is a local breakfast place called Donut Villa Diner. While their entire menu is not vegan, they have an entire vegan menu with items like vegan waffles, vegan chickn’ and waffles and a vegan BLT. They also have vegan donuts available on the weekends, but they are first-come, first-serve. They usually run out of vegan donuts by early Sunday. Donut Villa Diner has three locations in the Boston area, in Cambridge, Malden and Arlington.

Veggie Crust is the next place on the list. They offer unique Indian-fusion pizzas and pastas, as well as several Indian dishes. They have many options from vegan pepperoni pizza, to Coconut Corn pizza featuring their vegan Alfredo sauce, to Paneer Tikka BBQ pizza. Their menu alone speaks to their dazzling reputation. Reviews rave about their unique vegan and vegetarian options, and their friendly staff. They have locations in Brookline, Somerville, Lowell and Norwood. 

Veggie Galaxy is yet another vegan diner on the list. Their homemade vegan diner food makes them a top contender for Boston’s best vegan food. The space-themed restaurant offers omelets, pastries, mac and cheese, French Toast, and so much more. Every item on their menu can be made vegan, and they also have several gluten free options available. Veggie Galaxy takes the time to care for their customers with allergies, to ensure they have a safe dining experience. 

Boston is home to so many plant-based options. All of the restaurants listed, plus many more, make vegans feel at home in the city.

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