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Recruitment strategies of UMass Boston coaches: Amy Zombeck 

Recruitment is an extremely tedious process for any coach. They are expected to be on the clock 365 days a year, including the off-season.

Amy Zombeck, UMass Boston Women’s Soccer head coach, is a veteran, as she’s been a part of the program since 2005.  

In a conversation with Zombeck, when asked how she goes about recruiting, she shared her expertise, stating, “We usually go to their matches, ID clinics and showcases and watch how well they are with the ball. We recruit from high schools as well as clubs; I take walk-ins as well. Out of two or three who come by, at least one makes the team.” 

Zombeck goes to the prospects’ matches to get a lay of the land and familiarize herself with how the player is on the field as well as off the field. Oftentimes, when she goes to check one player out, she ends up extending the offer to two or three more women.  

The women’s soccer team can have anywhere around 28 plus athletes on the team. Currently, Zombeck is set to have 32 players this coming season, out of which 12 are fresh recruits.  

The program has grown exponentially under Zombeck’s guidance. When asked what she looks for in her athletes, she said, “I want them to be good players, but most importantly, good people off the field. They should know how to compete, be athletic and talented and have good overall character.” 

For Zombeck, academics plays a vital role in her recruitment process. Not only does she expect her players to compete on the field, but also in classrooms. She added, “Their priority here is academics, and soccer is secondary. We in our program are very strong in the pre-med, biology and nursing fields. These students are the future, and I see it as they are going to be taking care of me one day. If they are strong in the classroom, and they are taking care of business there, then they can just have fun on the field.”  

Zombeck wants her players to just have fun and fully enjoy the overall experience of being a college athlete, with more weightage and focus on the academic front.  

She wishes to be competitive in the conference, but is a firm believer of the fact that if the team just has fun and gives their all, the results will comply.  

Zombeck stressed throughout the interview how important it is for her athletes to be good people both on and off the field.

She is the glue that binds the team together. Her recruiting strategies have always reaped results, which can be clearly seen on the field.  

The team is moving into the season with great new additions and under the leadership of a seasoned coach.  

Zombeck is no stranger to what the team needs, and her additions always fit like pieces of a puzzle.  

Her judgment, combined with the teams’ potential, has made women’s soccer a successful NCAA Division III program at UMass Boston.