A Shot of Arts

A Shot of Arts

A Shot of Arts

Compiled by Shea Mullaney and Michael Hogan

– Santana’s Latest DuetRock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Carlos Santana has announced that he will open a mini-chain of Mexican restaurants in California. The eatery, set to open franchises in Walnut Creek, Mill Valley, and Santa Rosa, will be named after his Grammy winning song Maria Maria. After eating a few of the burritos you too can become a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician, all without the aid of instruments.

– The Colbert DessertComedy Central newsman Stephen Colbert joins Jerry Garcia, Dave Matthews Band, and Phish on the list of celebrities with their own flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. His flavor will be called Americone Dream. It will consist of vanilla ice cream with fudge covered waffle cone pieces and caramel. Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey, you’re on notice!

– The Naked TruthNew York art gallery, 401 Projects, to feature an exhibition of photographs depicting the wounds of Iraqi war soldiers. Photographs of medics performing life saving procedures and the tormented expressions of American soldiers make up the exhibit.

– The Milli Vanilli MovieDaily Variety reports that Universal Pictures is making a movie about the lip-synching duo, Milli Vanilli, who won a Grammy then lost it when it emerged that they had never sung on their records. The only question is… will the movie vocals be live or dubbed?

– The Strange Art of ParentingA short-haired mother cat in Meriden, Conn. has adopted a baby puppy who lost his mother. The puppy nurses alongside the black, white, and gray kittens born to the cat, Satin, who was taken to the humane society because her owner couldn’t care for her. The real truth about cats and dogs.

– Don’t be scared, more than half the country has one.The word is VAGINA. Recently, a theatre in Florida was compelled to change the marquee title of a charity production of The Vagina Monologues, after a woman complained that it was offensive. They decided on ‘The Hoohaa Monologues’, but the play’s producers made them change it back. Apparently, a woman who’d seen the title as she drove past was asked by her niece what a vagina was. The theatre’s Bryce Pfanenstiel asked: ‘”What did you tell her?”‘ She allegedly responded, “I’m offended I had to answer the question.” What hoohaa, indeed. A bona fide fracas, even.

– America’s most (in)eligible bachelorHoward Stern proposed to his long-time girlfriend Beth Ostrosky, so he’s officially off the market. Whew.

– Defense Spending Earmarked for Guns, Bombs, and Disco BallsThe Fort Stewart army base in Georgia spent an estimated $300,000 for a new nightclub. We wonder if this was an effort to bolster flagging recruitment totals, or just a way for soldiers to blow off a little steam. Thank God they expanded the defense budget, eh?

– Al Gore Announces Concert Series to Highlight Global WarmingThe former VP has been nominated for a Nobel Prize and an Academy Award. For his next big thing, Gore unveiled his next big endeavor: ‘Live Earth’, a 24-hour series of concerts to put the issue of climate change before a global audience. Modeled after the 2005 Live 8 concerts, an event highlighting debt relief for Africa, Gore’s event is scheduled for July 7 with seven concerts on seven continents.