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A Letter From Superintendent William B. Evans of the Boston Police Department

Dear Students,

Most of you will be leaving shortly to enjoy your spring break holiday. I want to take this opportunity to offer just a few safety reminders and also some information relative to a crime trend of concern around some of the local MBTA stations.

Please make sure you always secure your off campus housing units before you leave for ANY length, or extended period, of time. This includes doors and windows alike. The warmer weather traditionally generates a rise in residential breaks, in and around student housing. House breaks are of concern to us as college students leave in great numbers. Secure your apartment units well and ask nearby neighbors to watch the area around your house and/or dwellings. Please be mindful of the electronic devices of value in your home including laptops, game systems, iPods and cameras since these are often attractive targets and take them with you if at all possible. Also make sure you are not letting mail collect in mailboxes or on porches. A timing device on a light can also be helpful so your unit is not a target at night when you go out. Pay attention to who is coming and going from your home/building or who is trying to get in if they do not live there. Simple suggestions as mentioned above, along with taking a few extra minutes before you leave your unit, can help safeguard your property.

Additionally, we are experiencing an increasing number of street robberies in/around some of the local T stations, particularly stations in Dorchester and Maverick Sq in East Boston. Items that are being targeted are cell phones and electronic devices. As you walk around Boston anytime, please always be aware of your surroundings and should you be approached comply with the perpetrators request. Your life is always more valuable than your property. Should you be the victim of a crime go directly to the local BPD district station and make a report. You can also follow us on www.bpdnews.com or on and

Lastly, St. Patrick’s Day and the parade in South Boston will take place in a couple of weeks. There will be a zero tolerance for disruptive behavior as well as public drinking and intoxication. Your behavior at public events of this type will be closely monitored and there will be consequences, both from the BPD and your respective school. College students comprise a large part of the city’s population and your safety is a priority. Boston is a great city and a safe one. Enjoy your spring break!