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Statements from Student Trustee Candidates

Chair of Budget and Finance, Jesse Wright.

Nolan O’Brien

As a USG Senator with fresh ideas, and a realistic and inclusive approach to finding progressive solutions for student issues, I am ready to represent this campus at the highest level — the UMass Board of Trustees. By continuing to fight for more state funding for public higher education, I will ensure that every student at UMass has access to a world class education without crushing debt. I will include every student by holding myself accountable to them, and give voice to those who may have felt left out before. My door is always open. For a Student Trustee who holds administrators accountable and empowers students to do the same, and for a Student Trustee who will fight for the issues that matter most to students at every level, elect Nolan O’Brien. It would be an honor to have your vote.

Jesse Wright

As your Student Body President, I have worked tirelessly to ensure that ALL students are passionately represented at ALL times. My experience has opened doors on university-wide, city-wide, and state-wide levels that I will use to continue fostering and defending the rights of our students. As Student Trustee, I will continue fighting for the interests of UMass Boston students and against any injustice against them. It would be my honor to serve you for another year as your advocate and activist. Voting for Jesse Wright means voting for the warrior and experience you deserve.

How to Vote

To find out more about the candidates, come to the UMass Boston Presidential and Trustee Debate April 26 from 12 p.n. to 2 p.m. To cast your vote, go to www.clubs.umb.edu. Voting begins at 8:30 a.m. on April 1 and concludes on April 4.