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Third Annual UMB’s Got Talent Crowns Three Winners


Students from schools around the U.S., 16 from UMass Boston, spent their spring break helping the reconstruction of New Orleans which is still struggling from Katrina.



The Student Arts and Events Council hosted the third annual edition of UMB’s Got Talent in the Campus Center Ballroom on March 26. The event provided students with the opportunity to get up on stage and showcase their talents before a live audience.

Just a few minutes before the scheduled starting time of the show, a fire alarm caused a last minute evacuation of the Campus Center. However, within minutes the audience and performers were back and ready to begin. 

Acoustic guitar duo Zion and Miguel kicked off the evening, playing and singing an original song called “You’re Invited.” Another contestant delivered a stand-up comedy routine that left the crowd chuckling for a few minutes. Vocalist Chris Lomax, accompanied by sensational pianist Chris Mercedes, had the crowd cheering during their jazzy rendition of the Bruno Mars tune “When I Was Your Man.”

Contestants showed off their skills in front of a panel of three judges, who crowned three acts as winners. Prizes of $300 gift cards to amazon.com were awarded to each of the winning acts.  

The judges expressed that they had exceptional difficulty with regard to choosing this year’s winners of the competition. After a few tense minutes of deliberation, the results were in, and the three winning acts were announced.

Alex Woo, one of the winning contestants, demonstrated his extraordinary martial arts abilities. Beginning with some tai chi, Alex’s routine seamlessly transitioned into a very skilled kung fu exhibition.

Winners Junior Cius and Grant Fisher captivated the audience with their smooth dance routine. On stage, the dancing duo thoroughly impressed both the audience and judges with their footwork. 

The third winner, Malissa Lach, made a heartfelt dedication of her performance to her father, and proceeded to deliver a passionate rendition of “Stay” by Rihanna. With Chris Mercedes accompanying her on piano, Malissa overcame her admitted stage fright. Her smoky voice had the crowd making some serious noise.

“The contest really has been a fantastic way to encourage students to get on stage and show off all types of talent, and also for the SAEC to offer great prizes and give back to the student community for all of their support throughout the year,” said Kim Wallace.

If you want to show off your talent, SAEC organizes other events similar to UMB’s Got Talent. Keep them in mind for future opportunities to get up on stage and show off your skills to the UMass Boston community.