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O’Brien’s Pub in Allston Features a Night of Punk Rock Entertainment with Performances by Shark?, Potty Mouth, and Mean Creek


Mean Creek won the 2012 Boston Music Awards’ Album of the Year



Local punk and metal heads get up close and personal to experience a night of live music under the dim lights and pounding speakers at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, MA on Friday, April 12.

The night of mayhem kicked off with Brooklyn-based indie rock group Shark?, who quickly convinced the audience that their foreign roots are accepted by Boston’s local music scene.

The four-man quartet lit up the stage with heavy power chords and rhythmic drum lines that made every member of the audience engage in the notorious head nod that is a symbolic representation for showing approval and essentially “digging” the band’s performance.

Following Shark?’s set, the audience was greeted by an all-girl punk group with the presumptuous name Potty Mouth.

These Northampton, MA natives are no doubt a sight for sore eyes, and their punk rock musical talent effectively adds to their appeal.

The crowded bar gathered around the stage as Potty Mouth performed a powerful track set that conveyed a heavy grunge sound complemented by angst-filled lyrics.

The dialogue between the lead guitar riffs and deep, melodic vibrations of the bass bestowed a synchronous landscape for the interchangeably high and low belting of vocals. However, the driving feeling of urgency and rapid speed was most meticulously displayed through the percussionist’s incendiary style of thrash drumming.

Considering how the audience marveled over Potty Mouth’s performance, it is clear that these punk rock goddesses are heading toward a successful music career.

A universal rush of adrenaline was transmitted to every member of the audience when the night’s closing act, Mean Creek, hit the stage.

The 2012 winner of Boston Music Awards’ Album of the Year, Mean Creek delivered an outstanding performance that solidified their prestigious musical achievements.

Arguably the biggest indie rock band in Boston, Mean Creek stole the show at O’Brien’s with every heartfelt sound made to encapsulate the soul. The band performed their music with an undeniable sense of emotion that was personified through the deep melodies and lyrical meanings behind each song.