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Brad Paisley Lights Up the Comcast Center with Fan Favorites and New Songs


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Brad Paisley has a new song titled “Outstanding In Our Field,” in which he describes southerners as being “nothing special” and “no big deal,” but being experts when it comes to partying in the middle of nowhere. What Paisley forgot to mention is that HE’S definitely an expert at giving a great country show. Last night, Brad returned to the Comcast Center, this time on his “Beat This Summer” tour, and I don’t think that there’s a better artist in the world to kick off the summer.

Paisley delivers a raucous, very fun show that mixes every good element of country music from tender, acoustic performances of ballads like “Waitin’ On A Woman” to solo filled, fast-paced renditions of tracks like “Outstanding In Our Field” and “Time Warp,” as well as a great cover of Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher.” The former CMA Entertainer of the Year once again dazzled the crowd with his excellent guitar work. For some reason, there is a serious drought of great guitar players among the ranks of country singers these days, but Paisley is certainly an exception to the rule. His solos are always impeccable, but his work with the acoustic guitar always takes the cake.

A full band acoustic rendition of “I’m Still A Guy” was fantastic, and was unlike anything else you’ll ever see at a contemporary country show. Only Paisley has the musicianship to take the normally medium-speed party song and transform it into the bluegrass-inspired acoustic version that he performed last night.

That being said, the best song of the night, hands down, was “She’s Everything.” For the third straight year, Paisley brought the venue down with his wrenching, heartfelt performance of his 2005 single. In his extended, live version of the classic love song, Paisley adds to the songs greatness with a long breakdown, and some great guitar filler in between verses, and especially between lines in the chorus. It’s one of the best live country songs out there and it seems to get better every year.

Paisley also brought out some great new tracks off of his new record, “Wheelhouse,” “Southern Comfort Zone,” “The Mona Lisa,” and “Beat This Summer” were fantastic, but “Outstanding in Our Field” was the hands down winner off of the new album. The riff-driven track is perfect for a live show with its easy lyrics and good-times message. While Dierks Bentley couldn’t be there, “Outstanding in Our Field” was still one of the best moments of the night, with Chris Young and Lee Brice taking his parts.

Paisley definitely knows how to end a show on a high note, with an encore of “Ticks” and longtime fan favorite “Alcohol.” The main set wound down with a video of Carrie Underwood joining Brad for their duet, “Remind Me.” The 21-song set was just about all you could ask for from a headliner, with at least two tracks off of each of Paisley’s six studio albums.

The biggest cheers of the night occurred after “When I Get Where I’m Going,” when a “Boston Strong” message with three candles (one for each of the victims) was displayed on the video board. Paisley also held up a Boston Strong t-shirt during “Mud On The Tires,” and said that he’d been “looking forward to this gig ever since the events last month.”

Paisley is one of the biggest stars in country music, but he hasn’t stopped working at his craft. Every time he comes through town, he brings something new to the table, whether it’s great new songs, a new set, or great new renditions of the old favorites. There’s no doubt that Brad is an expert when it comes to delivering a great show that leaves very little out, and every band coming to the Comcast Center this summer will have one hell of a tough act to follow.