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Stop funding student clubs for women and minorities only

During my tenure here at the University of Massachusetts Boston, I have noticed the founding of a few more groups than I’d like to know about. All these clubs are great and dandy if based off of mutual interest. However, there’s a new epidemic of school-funded groups that are based off of ethnicity and/or gender.  

All these Asian/Vietnamese Student Associations or Women in Science inhibit the melting pot that is America. They force us not to be unified by common interest, but to willingly segregate ourselves based on heritage and language.

These are the barriers that we have fought to overcome over half a century ago. There was the era of women’s suffrage in the early 1900’s that fought for women’s equality, and Dr. King, in his most famous speech, sought to desegregate us and make us all equal.

Now the irony is that there seems to be a tendency to discriminate against someone for being white or male because of affirmative action. Because everyone is trying to be so diverse, it means that we cannot focus on what is truly important. Universities are more focused on a diverse student body and all these diverse organizations than what really matters.

It is because of this that we identify with those of similar ethnicity rather than common interest, which is what would really help us progress. It is quite a shame that Women in Science cannot just merge with Society of Physics Students, or the Pre-Med Club, or another science organization.  

Let us stop pouring countless dollars into this, and the clubs that need help, fund them. Don’t make the students jump through hoops for $300 for a semester, which covers maybe some soda at a few get-togethers, or even pay for club events themselves. There are real groups that deserve to be together.  
This is all racism and sexism, just in the opposite direction. Let us actually make a difference and become more unified as a school.