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UMass Boston’s rising beauty blogger

Jazmyne Roulhac is The Beautiful Bostonian

Growing up in an era centered around social media, most of us use it as a platform for our creativity, our self-expression, and our way of putting ourselves out there for everyone to see. It’s the perfect atmosphere for bubbly and magnetic girls like The Beautiful Bostonian, also known as Jazmyne Roulhac, a 21-year-old fashion and beauty blogger and vlogger studying Biology for her junior year at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Roulhac radiates on camera – she was born to be watched.  She frequently vlogs about her outfits, beauty products, and clothing hauls. She creates reviews of products, as well as her views on different aspects of life.

In 2014, Roulhac posted “The Happiness Blog,” in which she explains her desire to create an inspiring environment for her viewers demonstrating her pursuit of a healthier, happier way of living.

“I love fashion. I work at Nordstrom as a stylist and it’s what sparked my interest,” Roulhac said. 

“I follow all of these fashion bloggers on Instagram and I love them and what they do. They have a bunch of little girls that follow them and are just like, ‘Oh, can you teach me this or that?’ I thought it was awesome. I wanted to incorporate my love for video editing and fashion, and just decided one day to start the blog,” she added.

 ”Jazzy,” as she likes to call herself, is enthusiastic about conveying ideas about better living. Her biggest emphasis is on being happy and taking care of yourself; she focuses on giving yourself the love and respect that you need. She recommends getting involved with the blogging world as a way to not only better understand yourself, but as a way of building confidence and trust in yourself.

“You need to be positive all the time. Blogging makes me happy,” Roulhac said. ”For me, it did a lot for my confidence and being sure of who I am. No matter what form it is, a video or a blog, people are going to judge you and misconstrue everything you say, and you have to be able to stand up for yourself.” 

Although she acknowledges it can be a lot of work, she feels that the payoff in getting involved is tremendous.

“A lot goes into it. I have a YouTube journal and throughout the day I’ll write down everything that comes to me. I break them down into video ideas and eventually film it. And when I film them, it’s a long process, like four hours for one video. Something that I want to post in two weeks, I have to film now. Otherwise it won’t get done.” 

“My favorite part is getting feedback from my family and friends, like saying how successful they think I’mgoing to be and that they have faith in me. That it makes them happy. Like, I’ve had people send me e-mails in the morning or post comments, ‘Are you going to post something happy today?'”

“That’s what I love. Knowing that I make somebody happy with what I post. Knowing that I’m helping out with somebody’s day makes me happy.”

Blogging, unsurprisingly, has opened plenty of avenues for opportunities and connections for Roulhac. As a member of the Boston Bloggers, a group of people in Boston who run fashion-related YouTube channels and blogs, Roulhac gets access to fashion events and even hosts some on Newbury Street. The group does an especially big feature on Fashion Week.

Roulhac’s enthusiasm is impossible not to absorb. She discussed how getting in front of the camera has helped prepare her for her dream of being a talk show host, and how all it took was to sit down one day and start. Roulhac exemplifies the fact that literally anybody can pursue such an enriching experience so long as they take the time to just do it.

“My very first video was a “The Fault In Our Stars” book review. I leave it up to make people laugh. I was so awkward. I crack up when I go back and see it now,” Roulhac said. “I was laying in bed with no make-up, and I was like, ‘I’m just going to make a video. I’m just going to do it and edit it and post it.’ I knew if I didn’t start right then, I never would have done it.”

You can follow The Beautiful Bostonian on Roulhac’s blog, http://beautifulbostonian.tumblr.com/, and watch her vlog posts at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6La9HNgWCqyrwUjsru2dsQ.