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November 27, 2023

How to celebrate your best birthday in Boston


Multi-colored birthday balloons.

The birthday of every person in this world is a special day that allows us to feel like we are the center of attention for at least that day. It comes only once every year. We celebrate this day and the memories of the day make it a beautiful one. In my opinion, a birthday is a day when everybody cares for us. We receive beautiful presents and wishes from our relatives and friends that make it more special. Birthdays are supposed to be full of joy and happiness; they are the most anticipated day of everyone’s life. Some of us like inviting our loved ones around or taking them out to give them a treat.
For many out of state studentsor those from in state, but too far from their hometownsstudying here in Boston, it can be difficult to go home and celebrate their birthday. Celebrating it alone can be quite boring, so here are a few ideas to spark up your day or plan a celebration for a friend.
Starting off, everyone deserves a perfect birthday outfit, and I personally start looking up ideas at least a month ahead. Brands always offer discounts for your birthday so check that first! H&M offers 25 percent off on any one item for your birthday month, and when you join the Birthday Club at Old Navy you get 20 percent off (1). Sephora also gives you three to four brands every year to choose from and you get to select one. This year the gifts are from Laura Mercier, amika, Tatcha or Olaplex (2).
Boston Common is a great place to celebrate your birthday with a picnic. You can begin your picnic by ordering food from your favorite restaurants. You could even eat your birthday cake as the sun sets and enjoy the changing colors of the sky. Don’t forget, at Ben & Jerry’s you can get a free birthday scoop coupon and $3 off an ice cream cake when you sign up for their email newsletter (3). If you love ice cream cake then this is a really good option!
A simple dinner and a movie has turned into a somewhat expensive evening. You may be looking at a $100 bill! As students, our finances might be limited, and budgeting can be difficult at times. That is why visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is a fantastic choice for art enthusiasts!
Someone who enjoys spending a little extra money and playing games, as well as having fun in a bar-like environment, may like VERSUS. VERSUS is a brand-new idea that expertly blends vintage arcade games with classic pop art murals by local artists in a themed and high-energy bar atmosphere. After 7 p.m., they are a 21+ venue.
Everyone dreams to be a star and I think this is your time! And if you dress up for your birthday, you deserve a stunning birthday photo that you can post on social media. The recently renovated “selfie museum” at CambridgeSidea shopping mall located by the Charles River“GoPixelYourself,” provides a novel alternative for visitors to safely enjoy and participate with an artistic setting as the world continues to redefine interaction. As Yiran Yu for the Daily Free Press said:
“‘It’s like going to a Broadway show,’ he [John Carter, CEO of Parker 3D and the creative behind GoPixelYourself] said, ‘except you get to be the star’” (4).
If you want to have a lot of fun while celebrating your birthday, bowling at Kings is the place to go. Kings is a retro-themed entertainment complex. You can not only celebrate your birthday but also anyone you know, as it’s for all age groups!
Birthdays, in general, play an important part in everyone’s life. It makes folks feel special on that particular day and increases their gratitude. Taking advantage of these great offers and tips can make your birthday even more memorable!
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