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Dom Ferreira
UMass Boston senior Grace Smith. Photo by Dom Ferreira / Photography Editor


For the last four years of my life, I’ve dedicated a large portion of my time and energy to The Mass Media, happily doing so.  Since I first attended orientation in 2018, there hasn’t been a time where I was a Beacon and not also heavily involved with the paper. 

The Mass Media has provided a space for me to find community and purpose. It has given me a reason to continue pursuing my education, even when everything in me wanted to give up. Truthfully if I was not involved with The Mass Media, I would have taken time off from school the second we started to learn remotely. 

When I first decided to attend UMass Boston four years ago, I knew that the best way to make journalistic connections and gain relevant work experience would be by working at the newspaper. It was always ultimately my goal and dream to become the Editor-in-Chief of the paper, so naturally I cried when I was first offered the position. At the time, I had no idea I would be taking over the production of a newspaper during a completely remote pandemic. I faced the challenge of taking over an entire staff and position that I had no training for whatsoever during a world-wide pandemic that absolutely no one was prepared for. 

While there have been many days filled with struggles these past four years, there have been just as many days filled with proud moments and pure elation. I’ve learned how to handle any situation that’s thrown at me, and to always be adaptable as a leader. 

I ultimately would not have learned any of this or had this experience, however, without the company of my Advisor, Charles Henriques. He has always been a person of support and pushed me to be my greatest, living to my fullest potential. Any student who is lucky enough to work with Chuck will know exactly what I’m referring to. 

I also would not have had such a great leadership experience without such a dependable staff, constantly putting forth full effort and adapting to the ever changing  newsroom. 

I lastly would like to thank my Managing Editor, Adrienne Harris-Fried, who has been my right-hand man this past year and advocated for me at times when I could not for myself. The friendship we’ve formed from the work we’ve done together will last a lifetime and I can’t thank you enough for the constant support you have always graciously given me. 

The Mass Media has brought me to cities I never thought I’d visit, fed me meals I never thought I’d eat, and has been my excuse to live my life to the fullest for the past four years. 

As I approach graduation, I feel proud more than anything. Proud of my experience, my growth, my story at UMass Boston. I still can’t help but to be sad about leaving The Mass Media behind, but I know it has such a bright future ahead. 

To all students who may read this, I hope you also find community and solitude in a club or organization on campus. It will fuel a purpose and fulfillment for you that is needed to finish your degree. 

Grace Smith ‘22

Communications and Professional New Media Studies



I joined The Mass Media during my sophomore year at UMass Boston, and I worked as the Head Copyeditor for two years. For my last year, I was promoted to Managing Editor of the paper, and it has been one of the greatest jobs I’ve ever had. I’ve met amazing people and had incredible experiences while part of the newspaper. My only regret is not joining the newspaper my freshman year. 

As Head Copyeditor, I was not as involved with the day-to-day production of the paper as I am now. This year, as Managing Editor, I got to experience managing and working with a team of student reporters while also trying my hand at journalism for the first time. Because of this, I have been inspired to pursue a career in journalism and media. 

I have a lot of people to thank from my time at the paper. First and foremost, I would like to thank the previous Managing Editor, Meghan Connolly, for giving me a job at The Mass Media and kickstarting my experience here. I would also like to thank all the copyeditors who worked under me during my time as Head Copyeditor for teaching me how to be an effective team leader: Andrea, Menaka, Phaedra, Bridget and Michael. 

Additionally, I want to thank my amazing advisor, Chuck Henriques, and my Editor-in-Chief, Grace Smith. They made my last year at The Mass Media memorable and enjoyable while also teaching me valuable life lessons.

Finally, I give the biggest thank you to The Mass Media staff over the past three years, as well as the entire UMass Boston student body. Without you, none of this would’ve been possible. 

Adrienne Harris-Fried ‘22

Political Science and Sociology

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