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February 20, 2024
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February 12, 2024

Four books to curl up with this February

Valentine’s Day came and went, but there’s never a bad time to sit back and take a second to chill with a new book. While I personally haven’t had much time for pleasure reading due to reading for classes, I think it’s important we all take some time to relax and do something we love. If you love to read, there are some really great recommendations for new and old books that should be on your shelf. 

1. ”Tell Me Three Things”

This book isn’t exactly a new release, but it’s a sweet and cute way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and love! The plot focuses on Jesse, who recently moved to L.A. after her mother passed away, and is thrust into a different world. She gets anonymous messages from someone known as “S/N” offering their assistance to helping her navigate her new high school situation. This book is witty, fun and really just an enjoyable read if you need something new. 

2. ”The Upside of Falling”

Another romantic novel that is a little shorter and sweeter than some of the others on this list. A young adult fiction novel that is definitely going to keep your attention and make you swoon, “The Upside of Falling” has the cute factor for sure! This book is about 17-year-old Becca Hart, who fakes a relationship with the coolest guy in school. I am currently working on finishing it right now, so I’ll make sure not to give any spoilers. Overall, make sure you buy a pack of conversation hearts to eat with this book because it is just too cute!

3. ”They Both Die in the End”

I haven’t personally read this book myself, however I have had several people recommend this, including one of my best friends, so I know that it’s worth reading! This book is about two boys who receive news from an organization called “death cast“ which informs you when you’re going to die 24 hours before it actually happens. They both find each other on an app that allows people to meet up for one last great adventure—and that is exactly what Mateo and Rufus plan to do. I am super interested in this book as it seems like a clever, tragic love story. So why not give it a read? 

4. ”The Color Purple”

For those you don’t want a romance book this February, this book is a must read for you! This novel written by Alice Walker is revolutionary and an excellent read. Although definitely not new, it is perfect for Black History Month this February. I have just started it and the language and themes overall have been enough to make me tear up. It follows Celie, a young girl in the early 1900s who becomes pregnant. Following her throughout her life, faced with many tragedies, this book discusses important themes such as violence against women, sexual assault and more. Walker’s novel is gritty and classic, and overall an excellent novel—definitely a worthwhile read. 

Reading is a way to chill out after a stressful first month of school, especially when I need something fun and light unlike textbooks. There are so many great books out there to read, and this February may be your chance to read something you may not have thought of before. I hope everyone has a happy February!