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November 27, 2023

Be your own fashion trend


An outfit of dark washed jeans, green shirt and canvas shoes.

Believe it or not, following fashion trends has become a subject of contention. Keeping up with the current trends is essential, as outfits create a personal identity and speak for themselves. Following trends can create a sense of identity and acceptance. It also creates a personality template in which one can feel confident. Sometimes dressing in a certain way will help you to connect with the people of the same interest. Following your own fashion statement makes one a more independent thinker.    
Many college students would often wake up staring at their stuffed wardrobes, unable to pick what outfit to wear. Uncertainty occurs when you have clothes that were given to you, or you were lured into buying these clothes because a supermodel wore them, or it was presented in such a way that you couldn’t resist. Fashion shouldn’t be like that.                                           
Be your own fashion trend; buy what makes you feel good, not what a store manager tells you will look good on you. After all, you are the one who will wear it, so you must feel confident while wearing it. Wearing something you like is another way to portray yourself in public.
Wearing bright colors indicates that you are a person who is very cheerful, experimental and flexible, and you don’t care what anyone thinks of you. You’re wearing this outfit because you look good, and that’s all that matters. As Irene Kim for Vogue said, “Pastel pinks, bold reds and vibrant greens were a few of this season’s breakout hues on the catwalks and the streets.” (1)
People nowadays love sweaters. Because of this, popular brands have increased their production of knit sweaters and have also come up with many different colors and varieties. As Vogue has stated before: “After hours and days spent meticulously stitching yarn into a wearable work of art, something beautiful like an intarsia sweater can come out on the other end.” (2) This happens because people get inspired by looking at one another; if someone likes the sweater you’re wearing, it may inspire them to get a sweater as well. Dressing to reflect your mood is also very essential, since it demonstrates how expressive you are and how you view fashion as a means of expression. 
Personal tip for this week is that you can improve your fashion game by styling a simple white shirt in a variety of ways. Wearing a white shirt with blue tapered fit jeans and white shoes, for example, can completely transform your style. White shirts and denim are the finest combo because it makes you seem powerful while also being comfortable. I think it’s the best item to wear for your next date. You might wear a bright colored knit vest on top of the shirt to give more color to the ensemble. 
As Vogue says: “If there’s one fall trend to get behind, it’s one that’s as comfortable as it is chic: elegant knitwear.” (3)                        

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Vansh Khokhani, Arts Writer