2023-2024 Graduate and Undergraduate Student Government election results

Katrina Sanville, Editor-in-Chief

Voting for the student government elections for the 2023-2024 school year was held April 17 to 20, and the results are finally in! The results for both the Undergraduate Student Government and the Graduate Student Government are below.

Student Trustee:

Mike Dooley

 178 votes

 65.9 percent – Winner of Election

Mahua Nitin Hiray

 56 votes

 20.7 percent

Mahek Patel

 19 votes

 7.0 percent

Kristol Callender

 17 votes

 6.3 percent

This position is voted on by both undergraduate and graduate students. Dooley ran for re-election this year, with the focus of his campaign being on representing the student body for another year within the Board of Trustees. As Student Trustee, Dooley will serve as a voice for the student population and will represent the best interests of UMass Boston as a whole.
USG President/Vice President:

Kaushar Barejiya & Kaley Whipkey

165 votes

83.33 percent – Winner of Election

Chose not to Vote

 33 Votes

 16.66 percent

In a statement provided to Student Activities, Barejiya and Whipkey stated that they plan to “…act, and to strengthen our school community through advocacy for change, collaboration with on-campus student organizations and transparency between us, the administration and the student body.”
USG Senators:
The following students were elected as Undergraduate Student Government Senators: Christelle Joseph, Talia Hammond, Linzie Truong, Vansh Khokhani, Brisa Portillo, Aidan Phuong, Oscar Brown, Isabel Raymond, David Buckley, Julia Olszewski, Isabella Victoria Villegas Leal, Calixta Nahue, Stacy Tran, Cristian Orellana, Kai Livingstone, Millicent Snow, Pari Vachhani, Manav Shah and Anthony Owuor.
GSG President:

Delaney Bowen

63 votes

87.5 percent – Winner of Election

Chose not to Vote

 9 Votes

 12.5 percent

Bowen ran for re-election in the Graduate Student Government this year after serving as president for the 2022-2023 school year. Her goals as president are to advocate and create a bigger presence for graduate students on campus, as well as with the administration, and to host events that make graduate students feel more welcome. More information on her platform can be found on the GSG EBoard’s Instagram, which is @gsgfor23.
GSG Vice President:

Somesh Balani

57 votes

79.16 percent – Winner of Election

Chose not to Vote

 15 Votes

 20.83 percent

In a statment provided to Student Activities, Balani stated, “I will work tirelessly to ensure that our [Graduate Student] voices are heard, and our concerns are addressed. Let’s work together to enhance academic and professional development opportunities for all graduate students at UMass Boston.”
GSG Treasurer:

Itish Pandey

53 votes

73.61 percent – Winner of Election

Chose not to Vote

 19 Votes

 26.38 percent

In a statement provided to Student Activities about his campaign, Pandey said, “I am committed to serving the Graduate Student Government with integrity, responsibility, & transparency. I will work collaboratively with other members of the GSG to ensure that we are making informed financial decisions that serve the needs and priorities of all stakeholders.”
Referendum Question 1 (Action):
MASSPIRG is a statewide, student-directed, non-partisan organization. For over 45 years, we’ve worked to mobilize students on campus to do research, advocacy, education and service on a variety of issues including environmental protection, public health, youth voter mobilization and poverty relief efforts. MASSPIRG chapters across the state pool resources and hire a staff of professionals to work with students on issues that concern us as citizens. Do you support the continued existence of the MASSPIRG chapter at UMass Boston funded through a $9 per-student, per-semester waivable fee? Any student choosing not to support MASSPIRG may waive the fee.
If voted Yes: A yes vote on this question will continue the MASSPIRG chapter at UMass Boston, to be funded through a $9.00 per-student, per-semester waivable fee that appears on your tuition bill.
If voted No: A no vote on this question will remove the MASSPIRG chapter at UMass Boston, effective at the end of the 2023-2024 school year.


192 votes

78.78 percent – PASSED


 78 Votes

 21.21 percent

Congratulations again to those who will be representing UMass Boston’s student government in the next school year, as well as those who participated in the race! The Mass Media would also like to thank current USG Interim President Julia Olszewski, GSG Treasurer Meaghan Anderson and all of the senators, for their hard work and dedication this year.