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Trill Music Festival Brings Out the Trolls


Sunny afternoon at the Downeast Cider House where the Trill Music Festival was held

Bring your adventurous spirit and toll for the troll under the Tobin Bridge. The Downeast Cider House is conveniently placed under the bridge, which aids in its underground aesthetic. They frequently host brewery tours, but occasionally they also host events like the Trill Music Festival. Music and beer is an equation for a good time, but not always for the wallet. Music festivals usually mean overpriced beer, and there are usually only two options: Sam Adams or Bud Light. Here the options are vast—the Maple Oak Cider being the decisive champion of beers and for half the price of most events of the same kind. Trill is a company that is entirely about the music and the Downeast Cider House is all about the beer, and the two passions combined create one amazing event.

Trill has an app called Trill Tonight, which is all about making events like this one seem much less distant and unknown. It’s their job to find the nearest music events near you on any given night. On average there are about 75 live shows a night in Boston, and they record all of them on their site, including the festival they hosted at the Downeast Cider House on April 18th. They help find even the most obscure events to keep their customers in the know. This is how to find the next big thing, to discover new bands, and to find something to do in Boston when you just aren’t sure what’s going on. Fear not—they have done the leg work already. There is a whole team of explorers at the ready, whose mission it is to make sure you never go bored in the city of Boston.

The Trill Music Festival at the Downeast Cider House is the living proof of their success at finding sources of entertainment. The setting itself brings a unique flavor to the bands that perform. There’s no ignoring the fact that the band is playing in the area where the product is manufactured and packaged to be shipped out. There are enormous tanks of beer, piles of empty boxes, and stacks of canned beer ready for shipping. The backdrop is entirely organic and the festival completely embraces its considerably peculiar environment.

The reason that Trill exists and the point of gathering at the Downeast Cider House on this occasion is for the music. The featured bands of the event were Western Den, Grey Season, Amy and the Engine, Electrolux Combo, Kyle Thornton & the Company, The Last Roar, and Harry Sills. Among these names there exists an abundance of talent. There was a variation of music genres, and certainly not without a touch of humor. Electrolux Combo was a jazz-funk band that featured some of the original score from Pulp Fiction, which seemed to appease the audience. Kyle Thornton played right off of this energy and had just as much fun on the stage as the crowd. Their band was sizable in itself, enticing a classic sound with not one, but three brass instruments. Three’s a crowd, as the saying goes, but is there a saying for a group of eight? Ultimately their solution to that question was to add the “& the Company” which seems to serve their purposes.
The music and the experience itself speak for themselves. To see more events like this one, make sure to follow Trill so they can lead you to new music and extraordinary experiences. To check out the Downeast Cider House and look for more events they host, they have their own list of functions on their calendar on their website. Both companies are highly involved in providing a good time for fellow Bostonians, and do an excellent job of playing host to an entire city. Do your part as good houseguests and see what their efforts have produced!