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Beauty Column: How to Make Your Makeup Last

Keep your face from melting this summer with these beauty tips

Now that the weather gods have taken pity on the people of Boston and spring is easing in, it’s that time of year to begin fussing about how to get your makeup to survive the rising temperatures and the rainy April and May weather.

Most of my friends are afraid of wearing their liquid foundations once the heat kicks in—they always describe the sensation of feeling it melt the second they step outside. I personally get more antsy about the humidity and trademark rain of Boston’s warm weather, as I never feel that my makeup has the staying power to handle my almost daily city expeditions.

However, I have found that as long as you are careful to use the right products in the right amounts, you don’t necessarily have to give up your finished liquid look for lightweight BB and CC creams. 

I use these products year-round, but have found that they are especially critical when it’s time to break out the shorts and pack away the sweaters. As a result, my makeup lasts—at the very least—12 hours, even if I sweat a little from running around in the sun, and even if my face gets a little sticky from the humidity. Considering that my days begin early and end late, this is exactly the kind of longevity I need from my products.

1. Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer by Smashbox, 1 oz for $36.00

I am always surprised to find out that a lot of the girls I know do not bother with primer and head straight to applying their foundation.

Not only is primer critical for lengthening your makeup’s staying power, but it evens out pores and blemishes to make foundation look smoother. Now, I know that the Smashbox Photo Finish primer is pretty hyped up; since beginning to wear makeup, I’ve heard everyone sing their praises about this primer.  

But no matter how much I want to find that secret product no one knows about, I always find that Smashbox’s primer continues to kick butt in the primer arena. Even when just using a light BB cream and not following through on my full makeup routine, I always use a dab of the Photo Finish to begin my process.

2. Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 by bareMinerals, powder tub for $28.00

A couple years ago, I was strictly a powder foundation girl. I was always really paranoid about the weight of liquid foundations and the damage it would possibly do my skin. I have since become an avid liquid foundation fan, as I find it lasts much longer and has a much more even finish, but I haven’t quite abandoned my love for the bareMinerals original powder foundation.

Now, bareMinerals does have a supposedly translucent setting powder, but I have never been a fan of setting powders. I always feel as though they make otherwise smooth makeup look chalky and cakey, especially for girls like me with olive skin. 

However, with some experimentation I’ve found that a very thin layer of powder foundation on top of liquid not only helps my makeup stay longer, but makes sure I have not missed any patches of skin. I find that my makeup looks more even than ever when I double up on the foundations, and the bareMinerals powder foundation is so lightweight that it feels exactly the same as when just wearing liquid.

I always put a tiny bit extra under my eyes because I have found that powder is an excellent way to fight creasing in liquid foundation and concealer. Don’t forget to blend your foundation into your neck as well to make the application look as seamless as possible.


3. All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay, 4 oz for $30

You guys do not understand how utterly infatuated I am with the All Nighter by Urban Decay. I am 100% a dedicated Urban Decay customer and, although their products are costly, you absolutely get what you pay for—and more.

I have always been curious about setting sprays, but was never in a rush to fork up the extra cash. When I finally tried out the mini version of this product, I swear—my entire perspective on makeup changed. I was always worrying about making my makeup last, and the All Nighter eliminated all of my anxieties. I can do absolutely anything in my makeup once I’ve sprayed on a few layers of this setting spray—even napping hardly smudges my makeup.

When applying this transparent spray to your face, be careful to keep your eyes tightly shut—the spray is not focused and it will get into your eyes and temporarily sting. At the same time, do not be stingy with the application. Make sure you spray enough for your face to look thoroughly wet with product.

That said, the heavy-handed application will take about 10 minutes to fully dry, and I usually do my hair as it dries to make the most of my time. This product not only extends your makeup wear to a minimum of 12 hours, but completely evens out your makeup. It makes you look airbrushed, and it also adds a bit of a dewy shine. I am always amazed by the finished look after using this spray each and every day, and I’ve been using this product for about a year!
I tend to use all three methods for each application process, but definitely mix and match or subtract whatever you wish. Everyone’s skin works in a completely different way, but I have found that a combination of the three is the best way to not only make my makeup last, but to keep it looking just as good as when I first applied it.