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February 26, 2024
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February 26, 2024

‘Edge of Vision’ Celebrates Boston Ballet with World Premiere Dance

Boston Ballet’s ‘Edge of Vision’

On April 30, eager guests filled the seats of the Boston Opera House to witness opening night of “Edge of Vision,” Boston Ballet’s fifth show in the 2014-2015  season. The night delivered three contemporary dances, including a world premiere choreography, a beautiful cello solo, and a resounding standing ovation from a fervent audience.

“Edge of Vision” opened with “Eventide” which originally premiered in 2008 with choreography by Helen Pickett and music by Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar. The soft lighting of the set, the hypnotizing score, and the amazing pointe work of the porcelain-like corps de ballet will leave you in a trance. The second part of “Eventide” had a hint of Asian fusion. The red stripe background had a Mandarin-style quality and the physical, almost seductive choreography will have your heart racing until the very end.

The next show to take the stage was the highly-anticipated world premiere of “Bach Cello Suites” which was choreographed by Jorma Ela with music by J.S. Bach. The show begins with cello soloist Sergey Antonov performing Bach’s Cello Suites No 1. and 2 sitting alone under a single light on the far right of the stage. After his solo, Antonov remained on stage as he performed the score for the rest of “Bach Cello Suites.” Some of the choreography was tai-chi inspired, as dancers were paternally directed by their sensei as if they were his pupils. The set was bare except for a bamboo fixture hanging from the ceiling. Depending on where the bamboo would shift, the choreographer could go from calm and idle to energetic. This was a show worth the wait.

The last show of the night was “Celts,” choreographed by Lila York with music by William J. Ruyle, Bill Whelan, Celtic Thunder, and Dan Ar Braz. Irish music rang inside the theatre as dancers jigged across the stage with precision and artistry. The audience applauded with admiration, especially during a testosterone-filled, barbarian-style performance with male dancers in red shorts.
“Edge of Vision” will play at the Boston Opera House until May 10. It truly displays the strength and versatility of the Boston Ballet company. It is one program you can’t afford to miss. The last show of the season, “Thrill of Contact,” will run from May 14-24. Check out bostonballet.com for more info.