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Boston Calling: Day Two Recap

Mariana and the Diamonds at Boston Calling Music Festival

On the weekend of May 22, Boston Calling Music Festival returned for their annual spring concert.

The second day of the festival opened with Krill, who answered a couple of questions asked by the audience. They were very open and friendly. Marina and the Diamonds came at about 6 p.m., opening things up with their single “Bubblegum Bitch.” Marina was dressed in a purple halter-top, a pair of matching pants, and a purple headband that lit up with the word ‘Froot’, which is the name of their newest album. There was also a big, life-sized apple on the side of the stage. Marina then asked the audience for some help wishing one of her bandmates a happy birthday by singing to him. They closed with one of their famous hit “How To Be a Heartbreaker.”

My Morning Jacket closed the night. Frontman Jim James was dressed in a colorful poncho-like top. They brought a festival-friendly rock music to the festival. Some of the songs played were “In Its Infancy (The Waterfall),” where their drum set was plastered with a hologram of a scenic waterfall. They also played “Circuital” and closed with “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream, Part 2.” Throughout the night James referred to the city of Boston as a beautiful and humble place.

It will be held on the weekend of Sept. 25-27. Two exciting artists scheduled to play are Hozier and Of Monsters and Men.