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February 26, 2024

Postseason Baseball Time

It’s now October, which means two things. First, Halloween is just around the corner. Second…POSTSEASON BASEBALL! The hunt to capture the World Series is once again upon us and if you love Baseball it’s a glorious time of year. The games are always exciting and in one month’s time we will have crowned a new World Series Champ. The series last year certainly did not disappoint with the Giants and Royals going the distance in a full seven game set. Not to mention the drama we saw in the performance Madison Bumgarner gave us in the postseason. The MLB postseason is a spectacle of America’s pastime at its finest and a fun time for sports fans.

That being said, going into this you should know who the teams to watch are and the ones who you shouldn’t waste your time with. Here are my contenders and pretenders for the 2015 MLB Postseason:

American League

  • Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays have been an interesting case the last few years, on the cusp of making the postseason but finishing just outside. This team is loaded with talent, so count them as a threat now that they’re in.

  • Kansas City Royals

The Royals threatened to win the World Series last year, falling just one game short. With the pitching they have and the way they hit, there’s no reason to think this team can’t be back in the Fall Classic.

  • Texas Rangers

The Rangers shocked everybody with their performance this season. Everyone thought heading into the year they were underwhelming on paper, and with Yu Darvish’s injury their fate was all but set. Then a late season push not only had them in the hunt, but leading the AL West by three games at the moment. However, despite the resilience of this team, I don’t think they’ll have what it takes to beat some of the teams they’ll need to if they want to win it all.

  • New York Yankees

The Yankees, on paper, aren’t exactly eye popping. Even taking my Sox fan blinders off, the team is just unimpressive. Their pitching in particular just isn’t that of a postseason team, and it will show early for the Bronx Bombers.

  • Houston Astros

This is assuming that the Astros make the postseason, as they are clinging to a one game lead over both Minnesota and the Los Angeles Angels. However let’s assume they finish like the team that was dominating the league. If that team shows up, they are a threat. They have spectacular pitching and a lot of power in their lineup. They hit a lot of home runs which can come in handy in the postseason.

National League



  • New York Mets

The Mets surprised a lot of people this year. They were already doing well in the first half of the season with their amazing pitching rotation, but then they added Yoenis Cespedes to the lineup and that completely changed this team’s offense. After that they tore it up, including running away with the NL East and passing the favored Washington Nationals in the process. Despite that, I think that this team got hot at the right time. As fun as it would be to see the Mets win, I just don’t think they’re there yet.

  • St. Louis Cardinals

What else can you say about the Cards; they absolutely tore it up this year. They have great pitching, great hitting, great defense, great depth, great coaching. If this team isn’t a contender, I don’t know who is.

  • Los Angeles Dodgers
    The Dodgers have been a good team for a while now. They have a very talented roster and great pitching, but they keep proving ineffective in the postseason. At the moment, I don’t see them as a threat.
  • Chicago Cubs

The Cubs had a very strong year after the moves they made last offseason. Their pitching is great and they have a great crop of rookies. Despite that, I don’t think they’re there yet.

  • Pittsburgh Pirates

    The Pirates have been making the playoffs for a while now but have yet to make it out of the Wild Card game. The team has Andrew McCutchen, one of the best Five Tool players in baseball, and a pretty good pitching staff. They may have what it takes to finally get out of the Wild Card game, but a World Series is a stretch.