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The Mass Media

The Mass Media

Friday 10/30/2015

Harbor Market Daily Offerings 

Creepy Country Fried Chicken; Monster Mashed Potatoes; Gruesome Collard Greens; Scary Steamed Carrots; Grave Gravy.


Chicken Noodle; American Vegetable Soup; Clam Chowder; Six Bean Soup.

   Pandini’s Pizza

Cheese pizza; Pepperoni pizza; Honey-Sriracha pizza; Margherita w/ Whole Wheat Pizza.

       Pandini’s Labretti     

Chicken Parmesan sub; Steak and Cheese sub; Eggplant Parm; Chicken Parm.


Pork Dumpling; Veggie Dumpling; Fried Rice; Chili Sesame seed Sauce.