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February 26, 2024
An inside look at Bobby B. Beacon’s insides. Illustrated by Bianca Oppedisano/ Mass Media Staff.
Bobby's Inside Story
February 26, 2024

Beacons Update

Men’s Soccer

The University of Massachusetts Boston’s Men’s Soccer team has finally received their first loss of the season. Babson College, a top team in Massachusetts, shut down the Beacons in a one to nil defeat. It is the first time this year that the Beacons were kept from finding the back of the net. The following game, UMass Boston suffered another loss to Eastern Connecticut State. Despite a slight drop off, the Beacons immediately turned things around and won the next two matches against Western New England University and Western Connecticut State. The team scored nine goals combined in the two games. The Beacons are now hitting the final stretch of the season. They are 4-1 in Little East Conference games, but they still have two games left on the schedule. If the Beacons walk away with a win, they will clinch a spot in the playoffs. Only four teams make the postseason in LEC men’s soccer.

Women’s Soccer

The Women’s Soccer team has experienced some difficulties this season. Their overall record is 4-10-1, but fortunately, their in conference record is 3-2. In the past seven games, the Beacons have gone 1-6 due to their difficulties in finding the back of the net. Having said that, the Beacons defense has played well; the offense just hasn’t been there for the side. UMass Boston has four more regular season games and two more conference games before the postseason starts. They are set to face up against Keene State and Plymouth State. If the Beacons pull out one win in these conference matches, they are expected to make the postseason with the third or fourth seed.

Women’s Volleyball

The Women’s Volleyball team is having one of their worst seasons in the past decade. Currently, their record is 6-12 overall and 3-1 in conference play. Since Terry Condon took the program over in 2005, the Beacons have only had one season under a 500 winning percentage – Condon’s first year at the helm. Despite their difficulties this year, the program is developing some young and talented players. In the first eight games, the Beacons looked like a brand new team, losing all but one match. Their overall record in that time was 1-7. However, as the youth have gained experience, they have turned things around in the second half of the year. In the past 10 games the Beacons are 5-5 overall.

The Women’s Volleyball team appears to be a playoff bound program. Having said that, if they want to reach the Little East Conference Tournament they will have to perform well in their last three conference matches against Rhode Island College, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and Western Connecticut State University. If they win two games, the Beacons will have a high seeding in the tournament, and one win should still clinch a playoff birth.

Women’s Tennis

The Beacons are back in the postseason. Their first match is to be played Tuesday, October 20, against their rival, UMass Dartmouth. UMass Boston is seeded at the 5th spot going into the tournament. The Beacons are expected to have a difficult journey to the championship; however, if they take things a game at a time anything is possible. Coach Berg is excited to see the girls come back from a disheartening playoff miss last season. “I’m happy to see the girls make it back to the postseason,” said Coach Berg. “They have been once already, (their Freshmen year) so it will be interesting to see what they can do with some experience.”

The Beacons went 6-6 this season overall, and 4-4 in conference play. This is the best season they’ve had in almost a decade. Conroy, Celebi, and Shea have been great players for UMass Boston this season. They have helped propel the squad into the position they are in as postseason approaches.