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Bunker Hill Housing: a Bad Idea

Sitting below the historic Bunker Hill in Charlestown is the Bunker Hill Housing Development which was created in 1941 and acts as housing for some of Boston’s poorer residents. There is talk now that these projects may be leveled and a new set of buildings will replace the 1,100 apartments with as many as 2,700 apartments if the construction goes forward.
While brand new housing seems like a great idea, the proposal seems to have a lot of problems which the Boston Housing Authority is not addressing. BHA is telling the current residents that if they would like an apartment in the new development, the agency promises to deliver one. However, the redevelopment is planning on bringing in wealthier residents who are very willing to pay more for the potential new housing.

One of the proposals that development companies have put forth includes some apartments that could cost $2,600 per month. Compare this to the $330 per month that current residents pay, according to The Boston Globe. Even with the promised subsidies there still exists the potential for problems.

Current residents have mixed feelings about the new idea. Some are looking forward to the new buildings which would provide up-to-date housing, recreation areas (including parks, open spaces, and a hockey rink), as well as shops and offices. Other residents are worried that the new developments will damage the sense of community, or that they will be stigmatized for their lack of money.

Probably the most important question is where the city plans to put the current residents while the leveling and construction is underway. The city has not mentioned where they plan to put these people, and if the current residents cannot afford other housing, the city can expect to see a rise in the homeless population when operations get going.

While the city seems right in wanting to improve conditions in the Bunker Hill Housing Development they should take more time to figure out what should be done as there are a lot more issues than what has been discussed. The city should first take care of the current residents rather than cater to people who are moving into Boston and/or looking for a more upscale living situation. We should take care of those who need it most, or at the very least make them a higher priority.