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Student Leadership Conference






Are you a crazy but original orange? Timid but deep blue? Curious and relentless green? Or strict but dependable gold? These are the categories students were divided into to better understand their style of leadership.

On March 3, students from across campus gathered in the Campus Center ballroom to participate in the first Student Leadership Conference, an initiative stemming from the Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement (OSLCE). Its theme was “Accidental Leadership.”

The event started with an assessment entitled “True Colors,” which tapped into the students’ innate leadership qualities. The training embraced the unique approaches students have towards becoming leaders, not only in a typical sports or club situation. Instead, it emphasized the need to know how to deal with other leadership styles in order to work together successfully.

Following the breakfast, the students split up into three sessions of their choice. Ly Nguyen and Mariah Silva held a presentation on Kinetic Leadership, which outlined how engagement in teamwork activates and develops good communication. Dr. Melissa Rideout, clinical psychologist in the UMass Boston Counseling Center, held a workshop which stressed the importance of active listening while Sherrod Williams spoke of “emotional intelligence” and when to use it in positions of leadership.

After lunch and several other workshops, UMass Boston Assistant Professor Anamarija Frankic presented a speech about leadership in unexpected scenarios. She related her decision to leave her home country of Croatia due to imminent danger her family would face if she stayed. City Year Boston Corps members Molly Brown and Drake Martinez wrapped up the event with an activity that helped participants reflect on their lives thus far. Students used crayons and colored pencils to draw out a timeline describing the road their lives took to become the individuals they are today. At the same time, Brad Winnett , creator of the SLC, led a session diving deeper into the True Colors assessment.

To learn more about OSLCE, please visit www.umb.edu/oslce or email [email protected] with any questions.