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February 26, 2024
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Bobby's Inside Story
February 26, 2024

USG President Endorses Wright as his Successor

USG President Travis Henderson

The Mass Media received the following email from USG President Travis Henderson today, Tuesday, March 27.

To the Undergraduate Students of UMass Boston,

As USG elections approach yet again, I am brought back to a specific moment when I was first elected your Student Body President. There was an article published in The Mass Media from then-editor Caleb Nelson who expressed his feelings of frustration at the lack of student involvement, and his feelings that there was no real difference in the candidates because ‘what could student government really accomplish anyway.’ As a personal friend of Caleb’s I let this article motivate me all year. We have reached a high point at this university, accomplishing things other student governments simply couldn’t dream of. From our creation of student positions dedicated to helping RSO’s, to the funding of a yearly $1000 student leadership award, student government this year has sincerely done one hell of a job working every day for the students here at UMass Boston. More personally, this position has changed me more deeply than I can express in words. The respect I have for each and every student who walks in and out of our doors inspires me to realize my own excellence.

It is because I care so deeply about this institution and the students who belong to it that I feel a responsibility to publically and whole-heartedly endorse as my successor Jesse Wright. Jesse has proved his dedication to students all year. He shows up at 4:30 in the morning some days, staying until at least 6:30 at night, when he leaves to continue university business off campus. His passion speaks for itself, defending student concerns and creatively solving problems with an intensity and thoroughness that is unmatched by anyone I have met before. This year there is only one choice for your next Student Body President, and that is undeniably and unequivocally Jesse Wright.

USG President, Travis Henderson