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Baldassarre Explains Her Absence from Debate

Right: Marvel. Left: Baldassarre.



The election for student trustee, between Alexis Marvel and incumbent Bianca Baldassarre, will take place between April 2-5. An email will be sent to all UMass Boston email addresses with a link to the voting page. The link can also be found on the USG and Mass Media websites.

Ahead of the election, Baldassarre and Marvel were scheduled to debate March 22 and March 28. The March 22 debate was cancelled when Baldassarre didn’t show up. In response to a question from The Mass Media about her absence, Baldassarre explained that it conflicted with her class schedule and her work obligations. She said that she will not be able to make the March 28 debate either.

In an email to The Mass Media, Balsassarre added:

“Apparently this was all a misunderstanding. I thought that someone knew I would not be able to attend the debate. My apologies. However, just because I’m not attending the debates does not mean that I am not sincere in my efforts to get re-elected.

“I work two jobs and I take five classes. I know first hand what it’s like to be an average hard working student who needs to do everything possible in order to achieve what I want. It’s not easy and I’m making as much time as possible for these elections, even if this time is during late hours at home when I’m finished with my jobs and class work.

I truly care about the students wants and needs to plan to lower fee hikes and work with the student senate to get voting rights for all student trustee members of the UMass campuses (not just two).”

Dan McDowell, head of the elections committee and USG vice president, said that all candidates were given notice 48 hours ahead of the March 22 event about when the debates were to take place. He said that Baldassarre did not contact the elections committee to inform them of a scheduling conflict.

Marvel was unfazed by her opponent’s absence. “However my opponent chooses to run her campaign is not my concern,” said Marvel. “My concern is with the students and working to solve the issues that affect us most. With unparalleled passion and experience advocating for issues like lowering fees and health care costs, my commitment to the students on this campus is clear.”

Marvel is vice president of the Model United Nations club, a founding member of the UMass Boston Student Union, and a representative for the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts (PHENOM). In her public platform statement she said that she will use her “extensive experience working with students, administrators, and legislators to ensure that we have a voice in the issues that affect us most. I would continue my passionate commitment and use my influence to guarantee an affordable, high quality education for us all.”

In Baldassarre’s public platform statement she stated that if re-elected, she plans to “expand my progress for the sole purpose of the benefit of the student body. My experience and motivation will facilitate in proceeding and progressing, and my main goal is to achieve profit for the average student.”