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The Mass Media

Monday, 3/26/2012

Harbor Market

Kung Pao Chicken; Wild Mushroom Egg Noodle with Parmessan Crisp; Brown Rice; Jasmine Rice; Saute Zucchini & Yellow Squash; Parslied Baby Carot; Italian Sausage Sub with Pepper & Onion.



Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle; Vegetarian Black Bean.


Pandini’s Pizza

Mozzarella; Double pepperoni; Garden vegetable; Bbq chicken.

Pandini’s Labretti

Chicken Caesar; Chicken parm; Meatball; Roasted vegetable; Pesto chicken.

Pandini’s Pasta

Chicken parm linguine; Linguine w/ meatballs.


Pho Noodle Bowl wtih Chicken; Pho Vegetarian Noodle Bowl.