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Hacking The Sack Is Coming Back


Illustrated by Gardi Arroyo

 Hacky sack: it’s a game of the people, a sport for the everyman. It’s a game with a vast following, and as the weather heats up, so does the sack action.

 Walking around campus at UMass Boston, sack circles can be spotted in a variety of locales. “We play wherever the hack takes us,” said Mike Gonzales, a French major. Some take their game seriously, and some play it just to kill time. Maddie Robo, an international business major, said, “It’s really just something fun to do while waiting for class.” Gonzales sees it as more of a lifestyle, explaining, “I like smoking and I like hacking and I like the camaraderie of it all.”

If these things sound appealing to you, then there is good news.  According to Robo, the sack circles are always open to new members. On accepting new sackers, she said, “we’re a ten on a scale of ten for welcoming new members.”

If you are thinking of playing, but worry about the competition level you are up against, all levels of players are welcome. Robo said, “As far as how good I am, in life I’m amazing. At hacky sack, I’m decent. I’ve definitely learned a lot from my friends.” Gonzales is more confident in his abilities, and said, “I am as graceful as a gazelle.  I’m pretty damn close to being a pro, if I’m not already there.”

Be aware of the many tricks these guys have up their sleeves. Biochemistry major Dmitry Kryukov said his most impressive tricks are the “under-the-leg jester” and the “high potency hack.” Robo’s personal favorite is her trademark “chest stall.” But both agree that the game helps them meet new people as well as improve their reflexes

Sack circles are gathering every day, and groups are always welcoming new members. The tricks are impressive, the conversation is lively, and the games are a blast to watch and play. Whether you want to take it all in, join in on a game, or chat with the participants, you are bound to find something interesting happening. Keep your eyes peeled for more hacky sack fun in the coming weeks as the weather warms up and the semester wraps up here on campus. The sack circles usually spring up near the picnic tables at the McCormack building, so if you are so inclined to work on your sack skills, head down there and give it a go.