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UMass Boston to Join the May 6 Walk for Hunger

Hundreds have turned out to raise awareness about Boston homelessness and hunger.

Since its establishment by Project Bread in 1969, The Walk for Hunger has been an annual event to prevent and end hunger in Massachusetts through increased awareness. The event occurring every first Sunday of May consists of a 20-mile hike through Boston Common, Brookline, Watertown, Newton and back to Boston Common. According to the most recent statistics available on their website, The Walk For Hunger raised $3.8 million, over 42,000 people walked the walk and 2,000 people have volunteered. Now, UMass Boston is joining the cause by encouraging students to walk.

Kayla Worthey, assistant coordinator for the Black Student Center (BSC), orientation leader and Undergraduate Student Government vice president elect plans to participate in the event. 25 members of the BSC have also signed up. Worthey is hoping to recruit as many UMas Boston students to walk as possible

Already listed to walk alongside the BSC is freshman nursing major Jessica Diaz and Susan Helmy, a freshman criminal justice major. “[I am walking] to support the people out there that don’t have the same privileges as me,” Diaz said. “Sometimes we have things that we don’t appreciate as much because we have it and we know they’ll be there. We take that day to come together and realize that not everybody has the advantages we do,” Diaz said. Helmy added, “We want to do it with our friends. It wouldn’t hurt; I do not see a reason not to.”

Diaz and Helmy confirmed that their goal is the 20-mile finish line, but admitted that it could be a stretch. They said simultaneously, “We are going to try it. I think we are going to make it.”

Members of the BSC are having fundraising events from April 20 through May 5 to hopefully raise a minimum of $500 by May 6, the day of the walk. There will be locations for donating in front of the catwalk on the second floor of the Campus Center or by dropping by the BSC office on the third floor of the Campus Center. Those who walk to represent UMass Boston can sign up with the BSC. “We are meeting at around 7:30 a.m. but if anyone wants to start after with a UMASS group I will meet people after. We just want people to stay motivated by having their peers motivating them,” Worthey said.