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Double Time: An Interview with Senior Lacrosse Goalie Anthony Fitti


Photo by Torri Pizzuto, class of 2014

The Beacons’ lacrosse team has had a bit of a challenging season, but they are still persistent and a tough team to play. One of the top performers this season for the guys has been senior goalie Anthony Fitti, who recently crossed over after concluding a successful career for men’s hockey, where he was a four-year starter and a captain this year. Fitti has been a rock this year for the 2-9 lacrosse club. He recently took home LEC goalie-of-the-week for his efforts. He talked to The Mass Media about the Beacons’ season and his own personal journey since coming to campus.

At 2-9, what do you feel is a realistic goal for you guys to attain this season?

From the beginning of the season our team goal has been to make the LEC playoffs.  It’s something the program hasn’t done in the four years that I have been here. Realistically, this goal is still very much in reach. Our big upset win this past Saturday against UMass Dartmouth puts our team in a great spot to reach our goal moving forward.

How hard of a transition is it to go from hockey to lacrosse? You’re a center in hockey and a goalie in lacrosse, so is it a challenge to change positions?

Strangely, the transition from hockey to lacrosse is not that difficult.  That’s the reason I was able to do it at a young age. The most difficult transition has to be [from] skating to running:  they are different motions that exercise different muscles, which takes some time to get used to. It is a challenge to change positions from hockey to lacrosse because in hockey I am usually involved in every play, offensive or defensive. As a goalie, I’m only responsible for the defensive end of things. It translates well because of the hand speed required for both a center man in hockey and a goalie in lacrosse.

What has been the strength for the team this year?

Because I am a goalie, I have to say our main strength this year is our defense. We have improved offensively thus far but from the beginning our tough defense has been our main identity. We pride ourselves of taking care of our end first which will lead to better team offense.

Do you feel like the team has enough young talent to make for a bright future?

Absolutely! Our coaching staff doesn’t get enough credit for how well they have done in recruiting in the short time they have been here. I can already see a great improvement from last year in the young talent our staff has brought in. If a couple key spots can be filled in the next couple of years, this team’s future can be through the roof.  Our coaching staff is dedicated to bringing in top talent which makes the future very bright.

Personally, how much do you think you’ve improved since your freshman year? Are you proud of the legacy you’ll be leaving at UMass?

I feel like I have improved tremendously. When I started lacrosse here at UMass, I was a very raw player. I took four years off from the game, and walked onto the team with zero college lacrosse experience. Since that time I was able to figure out my own style and develop it into a very successful one. I have also learned the game over the past four years more then ever. This helped me to be able to read offenses and read shooter tendencies–to help put myself in positions to make big saves.

I am very proud of the legacy I will be leaving here. I am able to proudly say that I was a part of building two programs that are now contending for championships. Being able to say I helped lead the way for kids after me to come, and be successful in both my sports, is something I am proud of. Although I did not win a championship here at UMass, I know both sports I have been involved in are both very close to achieving that goal.